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The Future of STEM isn’t in the S,T,E, or the M

It's actually not fair to put down people who don’t trust science; they have a good reason to not trust STEM — scientists are bad at communicating and haven’t always wanted to communicate with the people the science affects.

Festivals and FOMO: International student edition

As an international student, being away from home means being disconnected from cultural traditions. And in all honesty, I don’t know how to do a better job of keeping up to date with everything.

When does gender in sports matter?

Sports is an area that runs on black and white distinctions — you compete as either a man or a woman; you either win or lose. But what exactly, if anything, defines a woman?

UR problematic: A reflection on toxic academic merit

There are instances in the academic world, especially, where we as students should be allowed to let go of our studies, of our skills, and our studious perspectives that have been ingrained into us for so long by the academic merit of achieving critical thinking in all realms of disciplines.

I’m more than my MBTI

I was completely unrecognizable, with no authentic bone in my body. As I became more obsessed with the MBTI, my life began to revolve around it, extending towards the people around me.

We need to see the other side of the table

Education happens through conversation. I believe that when it comes to antisemitism and anti-Israel language on campus, it’s a discussion that needs to be had, not a lecture.

Introversion, as an extrovert

It’s been jarring when I feel myself slipping into a more introverted mindset — where did the me who wanted to be everywhere for everyone go?

Don’t you dare tell me what antisemitism is

When I tell you that many people on this campus slip from criticizing Israel to employing language that personally offends me because of my ethnic and religious background, I expect you to believe it.

Please don’t say ‘time management’ to me

I’m sick of people telling me “you need to manage your time better.” Procrastination is strategic.

The pros and cons of commuting

It’s definitely not the ideal college experience, but the benefits have outweighed the negative aspects so far.