Ed Observers

Thoughts for food

The University's food options are anything but satisfactory.

Lots for all

A delve into the University's parking problem from the perspective of a freshman.

Obama and the left

Understanding Obama's failures as president is critical to understanding Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign.

What’s next for the Campus Times?

The reality is that when people are reading the Campus Times, they aren’t picking up a physical copy—they’re seeing a link on Facebook or Twitter and following it to our website.

Being a gay woman in Trump’s America

If we take Trump and Pence at their word, a vote for Trump effectively gave this government a mandate to enact policies that could set human and civil rights back decades.

Reconciling feminism with sports is tough, but worth it

I will be frank: Due to obvious gender stereotypes, I’m by no means expected to be a fan of, have a passion for, or even have an emotional connection to sports.

How to beat Trump

America's liberals and Democrats have succeeded in laughing themselves to the brink of Armageddon.

Kim Kardashian deserves sympathy, not sarcasm

When you’re a woman who watches the news, tragedies cease to be surprising.

Self-perception and the value of criticism

“Despite what your parents have told you, you’re not special and you’re not perfect—you’re all worthless.”

Making mind out of matter

“Don’t lose your science,” she would tell me, “Draw, paint, write, but whatever you do, don’t lose your science.