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Trump and ‘blue collar fears’

Now that Trump has been beaten in the Iowa Caucus, it is much easier for people to write him off as a reality star who played with fire.

Berned out

Sanders isn’t perfect, and he isn’t immune to criticism—something many Sanders supporters, at least those who populate social media, either don’t understand or refuse to accept.

Gun safety is a top priority for America going forward

Gun violence in America has been and will always be an issue about having the fundamental right to feel safe.

A letter to my Grandfather

Tom was a honorable UR alumnus with strong virtues that he stuck by unwaveringly until his passing.

The Campus Times they are a-changin’

As one of the oldest student organizations on campus, the CT boasts tremendous staying power—and we intend to keep the stone rolling through this year and into the next.

Question legacies

What should we make of Woodrow Wilson?

In general, be specific

Why do we generalize so much? It's something called "availability heuristic."

Knowing what I know now

If I had known in high school what I know now, I wouldn’t have come to this university.

What’s in a name?

In 1972, women accounted for only about 38 percent of the labor force. Today, they make up closer to 47…

Park it, UR

I don’t know if I’m simply more aware of instances of ticketing or if it is actually happening more often,…