Ed Observers

The problem with American news

News stations’ tendency to focus on the stories that get the most viewers makes a story more likely to be inaccurately reported and sensationalized.

The University’s nonsensical approach to COVID-19 public health policy

Clearly, the school felt that giving people friendship bracelets would satiate their craving for frat parties. But what did it actually accomplish?

The privilege of white lies for a biracial Asian-American

Although some people can immediately tell that I’m Asian, there’s an undeniable privilege in knowing that passing as white is even an option for me. While I have had moments like last March where I’ve felt fear because of my race, I’ve never been racially discriminated against, and that’s something I don’t take for granted.

Yellowjackets need a 24-hour hive

A student should always have a place to study, and the library should be that place.

You might need a linguistic attitude check

How many friendships and romances never formed because of the biased assumptions we have about language?

We need SA’s advocacy

If I thought SA didn’t matter, I wouldn’t care about senators resigning.

President Biden isn’t sleepy – he’s complicit

The only reason to be bored with Biden is if you don’t have to care about everything that’s still going wrong.

Where are all the good cops?

You simply cannot be a good cop if you ally with (or even stay silent about) the ones who kill, maim, and traumatize.

$15/hour isn’t a living wage, no matter what they tell you

A $15/hour minimum wage means barely scraping by each month — if at all.

UR needs to lighten up its winter campus

We need more light, so why not get creative with it?