Ed Observers

Kim Kardashian deserves sympathy, not sarcasm

When you’re a woman who watches the news, tragedies cease to be surprising.

Self-perception and the value of criticism

“Despite what your parents have told you, you’re not special and you’re not perfect—you’re all worthless.”

Making mind out of matter

“Don’t lose your science,” she would tell me, “Draw, paint, write, but whatever you do, don’t lose your science.

How to be happy

The advice I am about to give about course planning at UR will, of course, not apply to everyone.

The ‘major’ major decision

The prominence of our majors to our lives as students and the pressure of job security can make our majors seem crucial, tantamount to future success.

Here’s some advice

You really don’t need my advice—and that’s why I’m going to give it to you.

The real Rochester

Although Rochester was once an American boomtown, hurled into the spotlight of the photographic industry, this did not last.

Black and Yellow

“Chink,” the boy snickered. I was caught off guard, too stunned to respond. He turned to his friends and said matter-of-factly, “That’s what my mom said they’re called.”

Keep dining pricing consistent

Dining prices aren’t ideal.With the “unlimited” Declining plan, many students don’t run out, even though it is still very possible to spend all 2,100 dollars worth of Declining throughout the semester. This is kind-of absurd.

Trump and ‘blue collar fears’

Now that Trump has been beaten in the Iowa Caucus, it is much easier for people to write him off as a reality star who played with fire.