Ed Observers

Adjusting to the new normal is harder than it looks

We are expected to carry on with our classes and everything else like we didn’t just experience a pandemic in the first place.

Astroworld’s tragedy is astronomically naive

We have already learned how dangerous unmonitored crowds of tens of thousands of people are. Why did Astroworld force us to learn this again?

A few things I look back on fondly from the asynchronous era

I admit that on some days I wish that I could just throw on a shirt, open my laptop, and instantly be in class again.

New overload policy signals a promising future for UR students

As a soon-to-be alumna, the overload policy makes me hopeful for how campus culture will blossom over the coming years.

Toxic Meliora or generic brand capitalism?

I’m tired of the phrase “toxic Meliora.”  Yes, I agree, this school sucks the life out of us. But I…

It’s okay to only pass your classes

When you’re a procrastinator, you assume that putting in the effort will make things change, but it hasn’t.

Being stuck in tradition sucks

Take advantage of your position to make your group environment a place where everyone feels that they can be heard.

Waving the white flag with pride

I’ve been wondering if I’m straight a lot recently. It’s funny — usually, the trope is that people have to consider the reverse.

Baseless motivation and the meliora mindset

Underlying those factors was a mentality of unhealthy perfectionism, taking the desire to be the best version of myself too far.

Desk jobs aren’t the death of creativity

Being forced to create within a specific framework can generate ideas that wouldn’t have otherwise arisen without such a restriction.