With hoops, discipline and structure come easy

Campus Times sits down with Junior guard Mack Montague who scored a career–high 30 points against UChicago.

A surge in fans for club hockey

This weekend, the UR Men’s Club Hockey team played two intensive games, allowing them to sit first place in the Western Division of the Upstate New York Club Hockey League (UNYCHL).

Women drop two, men sweep Washington, Chicago

This weekend yielded mixed results for Rochester basketball teams, with the women’s team suffering losses against Washington University and the University of Chicago, while the men came home with a clean sweep.

Rochester Red Wings crack top prospect list

Talent scout eye candy Byron Buxton headlines a potentially star-studded group of Major League Baseball (MLB) prospects to represent the Red Wings in 2016.

Cleveland Cavaliers’ head coach fired

Maybe the most unexpected storyline so far in the 2015-16 NBA season unfolded this past Friday, when the Cleveland Cavaliers fired head coach David Blatt.

Bills make football history

Last Wednesday, the organization announced that they are promoting Kathryn Smith, former administrative assistant to serve as a full-time assistant coach.

Yvette Igbokwe doesn’t worry about records

Senior sprinter Yvette Igbokwe sits down with the CT and recalls the frustrations and memories of her career.

The Fall of Manning

Potentially playing the last game of his future Hall of Fame Career, Manning did just enough to push for a 20-18 victory.

Is it in the new uniforms? The uprising of URWB

In what is perhaps the best start under Coach Jim Scheible’s reign as head coach at UR, the ‘Jackets success is undeniable.

UR Men’s Basketball sweeps UAA rivals over the weekend

The ‘Jackets head to the Midwest this weekend to match up against Washington University at St. Louis, and the University of Chicago as they look to improve their record.