Tick Tick Boom: Don’t fear the passing of time

My message to those of us who are still trying to figure out their true place in life is to pursue what you know you want to do instead of what society tells you to pursue.

OBOC stuns with “Something About This Night”

Although the group is not wholly composed of innate performers, OBOC’s members’ passion for musical theatre is evident in every number.

Back in black: TOOP’s return to live theater

The show was met with overwhelmingly positive reviews from the audience. There was no shortage of laughter at any point in the performance.

Peanuts and self worth

Nobody loves Charlie Brown because he’s particularly amazing at one thing. Everybody loves Charlie Brown because he’s Charlie Brown.

Todd play ‘Everybody’ has a role for everyone

I saw “Everybody” twice, because half the cast has to memorize virtually the entire script, as their roles are drawn by lottery each show.

ROC Players are better than ‘Big Fish’

Friday night’s performance of “Big Fish” in the May Room served as an important reminder that while every story needs a good storyteller, every storyteller needs a good story.

From victim to hero, Lucila Matos’ story showcased

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and Lucila Matos has chosen to share her story with the public. First…

The magic of “The Grown-Up”

Aging terrifies me. So, naturally, I decided to see the Todd performance of Jordan Harrison’s “The Grown-Up,” a play with getting older as a central theme.

Todd’s ‘The Conduct of Life’ depicts abuse and power

Todd Union’s final production this semester, “The Conduct of Life” from Cuban-American playwright Maria Irene Fornés, opened last Thursday to…

OBOC marks 20th anniversary with spring show

Off Broadway On Campus (OBOC) gave their spring show, titled “A Mid-April Night’s Dream,” commemorating the group’s 20th year. Beginning…