Rochester Life

Java Joe: The man behind Rochester’s favorite coffee bean

Slowly approaching its thirties, Java’s reputation is embedded in its local and ethically sourced coffee beans.

Nothing Beets College Night at the Westside Farmers Market

As a Genesee St. resident, this wasn’t my first time at the market, but I was excited to see the special events included for College Night.

UR alumnus brings new life to Tin Roof

After graduating in 2019, Chitaphong never imagined he'd go on to run Tin Roof, a popular bar near campus. Although it wasn't easy learning to run a business in the midst of the pandemic, Chitaphong has a vision for Tin Roof - making it the best time for as many people possible.

Exploring The Lucky Flea Market

Most of the vendors are thrifted resellers, boasting copious amounts of vintage clothing and goods that look like they could be straight out of my grandparents’ houses.

How UR students celebrate the return of spring

If the loud music from the baseball field making its humble return this past week didn’t clue you in to the fact that spring has sprung, then the amazing weather Rochester has had the past two weeks should do the trick.

COVID Semester in Review: Conduct

“Students should not be afraid […] to get help for themselves in a medical emergency,” Orton said. “We’re not trying to catch people; we’re trying to prevent it happening in the future.”

COVID Semester in Review: Quarantine and isolation

This year, when administrators talk about Q&I, they aren’t referring to the information desk at Evans Lam Square in Rush Rhees. They mean quarantine and isolation. 

COVID Semester in Review: Testing

“The only way you can say that we were really missing large numbers of infections is to hypothesize that [UR] students are endowed with magical powers and 90% of them when they’re infected never develop symptoms, and that’s absurd.”

COVID Semester in Review: How close were we to shutting down?

“I thought we had a good chance of going into a pause [last fall],” Director of Environmental Health & Safety and Coronavirus University Restart Team (CURT) co-chair Mark Cavanaugh said.

COVID Semester in Review: Dr. Chatbot

From mid September through late October, the percentage of students living on campus who filled it out hovered near 50% each day, reaching as low as 43.1%.