The Tumblr Revival No One Asked For

Maybe some good will come out of this unholy Tumblr/TikTok matrimony after all.

UR dining is the epitome of convenience and class

The dining system here at UR is near-perfect.

An official Campus Times apology

The Campus Times office located in Wilson Commons is the home to not only losers who don’t have anything better to do with their Sundays, but a quote wall.

Students mesmerized by multicultural celebration

“This feels like D-Day, but the D stands for diversity,” visibly-excited sophomore Chad Smith told the Campus Times during a mid-program intermission.

Fight Fight Fuck You Up Club

The best debates are settled through violence, which is why SA decided to host this opportunity for students.

The UR Student Guide for Lecture Preparation

As with many things in life, it’s all about being prepared.

The Batman is the best bat-film of all bat-time

Anyways, Zoe Kravtiz can stomp me out on a curb.


It was a dark week in the history of Riverview G-401. It all started with the downfall of one unsuspecting…