Bad advice from Brian: Drinking

You see, ever since I was a kid, I’ve been an extremely strong beer drinker.

Forgotten presidents of the United States

This week in Fictional History 101, we learned about some of our nation’s most forgotten presidents. Here’s what we learned!

A note from your housemates

Things are going to have to change between us now.

An ode to HBO Go

HBO Go, HBO Go, my Light, my Path, my Hope. Transform boredom into bliss. Give me strength, so that with finals I may cope.

Divorcing the iPhone

I am proud to say I recently accomplished what few have managed to do before me. I left the iPhone.

Now taking applications for friends

Have you ever looked at one of your buddies and wondered why you two are friends?

A spontaneous checklist for surviving an apocalypse

I very much wish to submit a comprehensive checklist of items of importance that I believe everyone should own in the event of a possible apocalypse.

After the election, study abroad sees dramatic spike in applicants

And the fallout went beyond the expected liberal response—conservatives students want to go abroad, too.

Bad Advice from Brian: Dining hall food

Ah, finally, a problem I can actually relate to. Fasten your diaper-straps, Danny: I'm about to give advice the crap out of to you about this.

Bad Advice from Brian: Boys

You might think the first step in winning your crush’s heart would be, necessarily, to meet them. Not true, actually!