Wil reviews Halloween temporary tattoos and finds the void

Halloween has been over for a week, yet the tats remain steadfast on my arm, like the holiday's last great attempt to rage against the dying of the light. 

Inspiring: My roommate has kept a sailboat parked in our driveway for over a year

I was able to secure an exclusive interview with this nautical visionary to figure out just how he pulled off such a feat in on-land docking.

Ever Better CDCS

No amount of rearranging your labs and workshops will ever make Orgo go away, you poor suckers. Dump those "required" courses and take these ones instead!

CT Recommends: Going to Mount Hope Cemetery with a shovel and getting to it

To those concerned about legality: If you plan to take anything with you out of the cemetery, you can always call it an “archaeological discovery!"

CT Spooky: Harkness Hall isn’t real

Wake up people! Quad Fox is a robot, the clock tower hides a magical portal, and the bells from Rush Rhees emit a frequency that takes over your mind. 

This Quiz Will Reveal What Percent Rochester VSCO Girl You Are

When your Nike Air Force One crosses the barrier from first-year quad to frat quad, does MERT take your ass out? Then you may be a VSCO girl!

CT Spooky: Meliora Witches Brew

From your campus demon girl who lives in the tunnels, this somewhat involved recipe will make the dead rise from the grave just to get a taste! 

CT Spooky: The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad frat party line

As the students slowly converged around the dark porch, a voice of authority made his will known. “Get the fuck off the porch or nobody is getting in!”

Protesters protesting campus protest met with protests

When advertisements for a protest were posted in prominent locations around campus, a student stapled Uno reverse cards on top of them.

Better CDCS voted ‘Sexiest Browser Extension Alive’

Better CDCS was viewed as a major underdog going into this year’s competition, which in years past has been dominated by Adblock and Google Translate.