Fresh alumni unable to identify any building on campus amid UR construction

The alumni strolled around campus, reminiscing about the way campus used to be. "Seems like I can't find a single building that was here when I was a student," one said. They had graduated just one week ago.

Douglass doors demand deliverance

“THIS DOOR MUST REMAIN CLOSED AT ALL TIMES,” the sign read. But did anyone ever ask the door what it thought about that?

Choose your own Commencement

You see a fun article on the Campus Times website. Do you want to read it? Yes (proceed to article) or No (proceed to article anyway)

CT Eats: The Pit

So you've had a long day studying for that midterm and the the only thing you have left to do is to eat until you de-stress. The world-renowned Pit is ready to serve you.

Picolas Cage: The Epilogue: Return of the Cage

Several months after I had last seen Nic Cage, I was surprised to hear what sounded like someone opening the front door of the mansion he bequeathed me.

5K Challenge winner announced

The winning proposal in the annual 5K Challenge triumphed over ideas such as massage chairs and ski pants, despite having been submitted in crayon on the back of a pizza box.

15 Beers on the Erie Canal

15 Beers on the Erie Canal, Rochester's premier maritime commerce–themed bar, will be closing its doors at the end of the calendar year. It will be owner Lawrence Leary's eighth failed business at the location.

Frat bro exposed to competence

Frat Brother accidentally goes to the Eastman campus. He was stunned by what he found there.

‘Everyone Poops’ sequel announced

Coming to a bookstore near you: "Everyone Dies," the surprise sequel to the timeless children's book, “Everyone Poops."

‘You’ve been Punc’d!’

Most people celebrated a traditional Easter Mass this weekend, Susquanandaiguaquoit's visiting priest had other ideas.