UR Joking

Elevating your elevator conversations

We’ve all been there, pressing that oh-so-shiny, round, absolutely irresistible button that will summon a hulking mass of metal to which you shall entrust your life to bring you up several hundred feet. The worst part of this death-trap-in-waiting? The most dreadful part of standing inside an iron cage hurtling skyward? Other people. 

Frat boy Cupid and St. Valentine appear for Valentine’s Day

Skeptics, poets, unearthly deities battling for dominance, what would you have it: Love makes fools of us all.

The Tale of the Hunchback of Rush Rhees

He’d never even eaten a Pringle before.

Letter to the Editor: STFU, CHATBOT

Why the F*** are there more ChatBot emails in my inbox, huh?

Psychological Warfare: Midterms

It has come to light that one class had five midterms during the semester, resulting in a syllabus that created a rip in the time space continuum, which could become a ticking time bomb for Earth due to the inherent paradox of a test that happens at the midway point happening four more times during the semester.

Psychology Bets

The students made bets on which major they thought they could get to burn down our beloved Rush Rhees Library

Dealing with Snow

Because this is The First Time Ever that snow has fallen, here’s how to deal with the snow that plagues this campus (we could really use some of that “global warming” now, amirite?).

Help! My Upstairs Neighbors are having Fun

About that Irish step dance class… oof. That’s “totes not chill,” as I’m sure you and your hip friends have often put it. No hat, or something. 

Learning from rejection

We pride ourselves on creating a brotherhood of increasing physical and mental fortitude.

Rest In Pieces, Dr. ChatBot

The lack of emails to come has proven to take a gigantic toll on those motherfuckers who don’t clear out their inbox and brag about how many unread email notifications they have for the sole purpose of being completely insufferable.