UR Joking

Martino signs order to build wall

The wall would protect campus from President Donald Trump and all of his supporters.

UR to build theme park with extra money

Just like that, the University had once again set to work on another goddamn construction project.

Bad advice from Brian

Dear Brian, how do I know whether I should pass/fail a class?

Security commission recommends arming Seligman

“We’re hoping this will really cut down on underage drinking on campus.”

Closing remarks

Friends and loyal reader, this will be last piece of work as a “humor” writer for the Campus Times.

Norovirus evades Public Safety

As I am sure the majority of you have heard by now, the notorious and nefarious Norovirus has invaded the River Campus this week. Symptoms of this virus include fatigue, nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, and being a real party pooper.

Fott Scu plays Trump card in SA campaign

“We are going to build a wall. Oh, and RIT will pay for it.”

SA president Grant Dever gets a haircut

Look, sometimes things change and there isn’t anything you can do about it.

Former Humor Editors reconsidering run for SA office

Last year, the pair considered entering the race, but decided that a position in office wouldn’t be beneficial to anyone.

Students experiment with new drug, REM

Spring is in the air and students are desperately turning to a new illicit substance to combat the pain of midterms.