Our experience at Northwest Auto Mall was nothing short of appalling. We visited this dealership with the intention of exploring a 2006 Subaru Outback listed on their lot, only to be met with a level of rudeness and disregard that was utterly astonishing.

The advertised Subaru Outback we were interested in was in deplorable condition — far worse than described online. For starters, the car was in desperate need of  new tires, with countless dents and scratches. Under the car, every metallic surface was graced with a generous helping of rust, except for the bottom of the engine bay. That’s because metal cannot rust when it’s bathed in oil! Speaking of which, there was a slow yet steadily growing pool below the car. The dipstick showed fresh oil that was overfilled, leading me to believe they top it off frequently. The tailgate struggled to raise under its own hydraulic power, needing new struts.

One of the very few saving graces of this vehicle was the plastic trunk liner, which contained an inch of water. Yup, standing water in the trunk of this vehicle. The spare tire compartment was waterlogged, containing 2-3 inches. From the low-quality pictures included online, the interior seemed fine. In-person, there was a large hole in the driver’s side padding, countless scratches, missing plastic, and worn-out mechanisms. All these could be excused for the age, however the floorboards that were rotting through cannot. I wonder if the aforementioned water had anything to do with this. 

When we approached the staff to inquire about the car’s condition and negotiate a potential price adjustment considering its state, the response was shockingly rude and dismissive. The saleswoman said an almost funny truism to try and change the subject, “a lot of people like Subarus.” By no means is that false, as plenty of people from all walks of life are fond of the Subaru brand, myself included. But we were not talking about just any Subaru, we were talking about this rolling disaster. So I asked her directly if she was familiar with this specific outback, to which she could not answer. Being the good samaritan that I am, I thought it was only fair for me to inform her of the quirks and features of the car. I pulled out my laundry list of surprises, and she suddenly appeared to have an explanation for everything! But that’s the extent of my positive experience, as the owner, sitting five feet away and actively talking to a couple, decided it was time to jump in. The owner reminded us that the car had, allegedly, passed inspection. (It’s worth mentioning that at no point did he utter the phrase “New York State Inspection,” and the vehicle failed to display an inspection sticker.) He then insisted that since it passed inspection, it was a great vehicle with no legitimate problems. After citing some of the car’s legitimate problems, he told me the car was not for me. Instead of engaging in a meaningful discussion, we were met with condescending remarks and a complete lack of professionalism. No explanation, no negotiation, no patience nor manners. The largest mistake they made was making the CarFax available, which told me it’s been sitting on this lot for three months. Plenty of time for Northwest Auto Mall to give it the slightest bit of care or attention. 

Furthermore, the overall atmosphere of Northwest Auto Mall was unwelcoming and unprofessional. The dealership appeared disorganized and understaffed, with employees seemingly more preoccupied with their own affairs than assisting customers. The “office” was under construction, making it very hard to hold a conversation over the sharp and persistent sounds of power tools.

In summary, our visit to Northwest Auto Mall was a waste of time and left us feeling deeply disappointed. The blatant disregard for customer service and the disrespectful treatment we received during our interaction is inexcusable. As a result, we strongly advise against considering Northwest Auto Mall for any automotive needs. 

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