SALSEROS’ “Entre el amor y el olvido” is unforgettable

The dances were beautiful, the outfit changes on point, and the whole audience gasped as the last scene ended.

Royals Dance Team Mosaic spring show

Overall, I enjoyed the show with all the outfit changes, fun songs, and well-choreographed dancing.

For UR dance majors, creativity is a must in shift to online classes

"The amount of creative thought and effort that has been put into lesson planning far exceeds the shared PowerPoint presentations in my other classes".

BSU Step Show never fails to bring energy, enthusiasm

Ultimately, what strikes me about BSU’s step competition is that it seems to be one of the few events on campus that attracts a lot of the local community.

Louvre’s ‘Muse’ connects body with art mediums

The choreography of each dance at Spurrier Hall creatively explored visual art through the human body.

Sihir brings fire, energy, and passion

A day after Rochester’s first snowfall ushered in winter, Sihir’s fall show, “Gaia,” warmed its audience with fiery energy inside…

Arts and Leisure: Performance

Here we are again — back to Rochester after three shimmering months of summer. Some of us are arriving for…

Rice Crew’s idolic showcase

Rice Crew was a bit late to start presenting their annual showcase, “IDOL ROOM,” to a fairly large crowd in…

‘X’ marks the nostalgic spot in Louvre’s spring show

Spring often brings an air of nostalgia — with the changing weather, the approaching graduation, and the anticipation of new…

BPG brings ballet ‘Alive’

On Friday, Ballet Performance Group (BPG) began its show “Alive” in Strong Auditorium with a contemporary piece called “Movement,” followed…