The Natural Center is a beautiful ode to Earth

Each of the mixed media pieces intertwines themes of nature and humanity, exploring feelings of unnaturalness or discomfort in the spaces where they meet.

‘Striking Power’: the truth behind the broken noses of Ancient Egyptian sculptures

The exhibit examines the patterns of damage inflicted on works of art for political, religious, and criminal reasons — the results of organized campaigns of destruction.

Chris Samnee proves to us once again why he should draw the Batman comics

Don’t know where to start looking from years worth of Batobers? Here are some of my favorite pieces from the years of Batobers.

Frontispace’s new exhibit is haunted

This is because I am dumb. The flesh computer in my head needs patterns to look at. I wish I could see this art for what it is.

Potato Seance: Troxell conveys growth and decay with just moss and mold

Troxell's sculptures convey stories of deception, deterioration, progression, and possibly even acceptance.

“Ubuhle Women: Beadwork and the Art of Independence” is worth looking like an idiot for 

There is no feeling like walking into a space that is beautiful in pictures, only to realize that cameras could never capture what you could see in person.

Beyond Van Gogh exhibit creates an experience almost worth its price

Beyond Van Gogh was created by creative director Mathieu St-Arnaud and his team at Normal Studio in Montreal and has spread across the world.

Art in the Anthropocene: A look at Anna Lussier’s ‘Ecology in Dystopia’

Overall, Lussier’s exhibition is an impressive commentary on the unidimensional approach to environmentalism often seen in modern politics and education.

Artist Sandra Brewster gives Sawyer Seminar on art, migration, and memory

Brewster said her art is about migration, memory, community, identity, intimacy — all subjects that she has tackled for the duration of the “Blur” series.

The MAG’s contemporary edge: ‘Dawgs,’ ‘Sultana’s Dream,’ and ‘National Anthem’

While the Memorial Art Gallery's permanent collection is beautiful and rich with history, the current exhibitions give it a necessary contemporary update.