Available now, for a limited time: Pig Syrup

The fact that this market hasn’t been tapped yet astounds me. There are so many reasons to transform into a pig!

Dam Funny: A Review of “Hundreds of Beavers” – North America’s Largest Rodent Takes Center Stage

Our protagonist awakes in shoulder-deep snow. He is alone, without any worldly possessions. His applejack business is as good as gone.


You are an absolute buffoon. I’m crying from laughing as I type this, just imagining your dumbfounded face. How could you fall for this?

Review: The Land of Ta Season 1, Episode 18: “Where’s Geedis?” (1981)

You silly! Geedis cannot be killed. He is old. Older than the Sun and the Moon. And yet he is amiable, and a friend to everyone. You silly!

The Monkeys of Meliora Hall

Have you heard of the monkeys in the basement of Meliora Hall? Ever wonder what antics they get up to in the wee hours of the night?

Rust, Rude Remarks, and Waterlogged Trunks: The Northwest Auto Mall Nightmare

At no point did he utter the phrase “New York State Inspection,” and the vehicle failed to display an inspection sticker.

Geophysicists debut model of donut-shaped Earth

Improvements to geophysical mathematics has led to a stunning new revelation: Our Earth is actually a torus. The Global Geophysicists…

Shrimp fried rice?

Shrimp fried rice: an age-old mystery. Is it fried rice containing shrimp? Or is it fried rice made by shrimp?…

Eclipse Portends Humanity’s Descent Back Into the Dark Ages

By: Rachel UnCaren Rochester officials are bracing for our latest descent into the dark ages, when God next deigns to…

The Catholic Times Presents: ‘Ulysses’ by James Joyce, Part I

We are proud to introduce our new fiction serial, “The Catholic Times Presents,” which will feature history’s greatest novels in weekly portions.