The Campus Times provides undergraduates opportunities to gain journalism, digital media, and design experience while covering issues relevant to the UR community.

Students can write, take photos, make videos, copyedit, draw, design, and help manage No prior experience is necessary and no long-term commitment is required.

Many students find the experience of working on the CT provides them with valuable skills helpful to securing future employment in mass media after graduation.

If you’d like to participate, you can learn more about how below, and email the editors.

Copy Editing

Copy editors check articles for spelling, grammatical, and factual errors before they’re published. Many students are introduced to the CT‘s writing process through copy editing, and it provides good experience for those interested in applying for editor positions in the future.

Most copyediting takes place on Saturdays and Sundays before each issue is published. If you’d like to help, email our Copy Chief at


CT breaks up its content into six sections: News, Opinions, Features, Humor, Sports, and Culture.

News keeps track of major events on campus and in the Rochester community. Features dives deep into issues, and tries to give a fuller picture of topics from UR and the city. Opinions is a place for you to express your thoughts to the student body, and the wider University community. Culture is where you can write about music, art, theater, film, TV, food, and more in whatever style works best for you. Humor is for all things funny, whether they’re biting satire or silly stories. Sports is where you can write about on-campus sports or national sports you find interesting or exciting.

Students start off as contributing writers, but can become a section Staff Writer after meeting their respective section’s article quota (usually 3 per semester). Staff Writers are invited to attend our weekly “budget” meetings on Sundays, where we discuss story ideas, logistics, and upcoming CT events.

To start writing, ask to be placed on a section’s weekly email list by emailing a section editor. When you get their email on Sunday or Monday, volunteer to take story assignments that interest you. You can also submit your own article suggestions to section editors via email. If you are unsure of which section you would like to contribute to, contact our Editor-in-Chief at Please see our contact page for the current section editors.

Photography and Video

Photographers can have their work featured in our articles, and a student will be credited first as a contributing photographer, and then as a member of our Photo Staff once they meet a contribution quota. To start taking photos, contact

CT also has many video projects that aspiring videographers can work on. To start making videos for us, contact our photo editors.


CT also has illustrators whose work appears with articles in print and online. Graphic designers can also assist the presentation editors in creating graphics that complement articles in print and online. Contact our illustrations editors at


Presentations staff are in charge of assembling the newspaper for print production. Presentations staff get to have their work printed physically for the entire University of Rochester community in the form of a print newspaper. To start assembling or to get more information, contact