Editorial Boards

Cease-fire now

Israel's war in Gaza is fraught with crimes, has unclear end conditions, and isn't supported by the U.S. public. We demand a cease-fire now.

ACJC should delay SA’s presidential election

If SA wants to hold a fair election, voting for SA President and Vice President should be postponed for another week. 

Finding joy off campus

It’s hard to get out beyond campus. Luckily, that’s what your friends at the Editorial Board of the Campus Times are here for!

During midterm season, prioritize UR health in advance

It’s been three weeks since classes started, and if you’re like us here at the Campus Times, you’re sick and tired.

The value of Rochester journalism

When big events are over, the national news has to move on. Local news is what covers the aftermath.

A year later, recognizing Lunar New Year

No longer will observing students be forced to either run the risk of missing a crucial lecture or lab — or dutifully attend class and miss out on their most significant cultural festivity of the year.

Head to Headboard: in defense (and offense) of SNL darling David S. Pumpkins

Our lord and savior, David S. Pumpkins, has returned!

UR’s housing crisis, analyzed

UR’s housing problem is not new. Now, with students scrambling for housing, administration is left with limited options.

The controversy over Lunar New Year

You wouldn’t ask non-religious Americans to skip Christmas morning to stare at research papers for a couple hours, so why are you expecting the same from students who simply don’t celebrate the same holidays as you?

So long, UR SecretSafe

The third iteration of UR confessions pages has been guillotined. And, as with its predecessors, the second law of thermodynamics came into play: The universe only gets messier as time goes on.