Editorial Boards

So long, UR SecretSafe

The third iteration of UR confessions pages has been guillotined. And, as with its predecessors, the second law of thermodynamics came into play: The universe only gets messier as time goes on.

UR excited for Pete Davidson’s appearance

We’re not having fun, and maybe the surprising day-by-day recaps of Davidson’s life via his frequent tabloid appearances are just what we need to escape it all.

UR is online, again

Now, there is no excuse. At the least, we deserve decisive policymaking and actual communication to back the administration's decisions up.

UR’s minimum wage increase is righting a wrong

What should be questioned about this increase is the fact that the minimum wage wasn’t $15 an hour already.

The Campus Times has gone digital… again

Everything, from the University Record to last year’s copies of the CT, has been organized for your viewing pleasure online.

Meliora shouldn’t be toxic

Starting in fall of 2022, there is a hard 24-credit cap on overloading, and students must explain why an overload of any amount is necessary.

An Overdue Farewell

No matter where you are right now, CT wants to applaud you for finishing your degree under the worst possible circumstances.

The University lets students down by waving the white flag

It seems more and more like upper administration, the actual brain and decision-making power of the University, is incompetent at best, and cowardly at worst.

Campus Culture is O(UR)S To Change

Do something entirely new, even if you hate it. That transition back to a lively, spirited campus is in your hands.

Ed Board recommends: Fun ways to ignore your problems

To celebrate what feels like the end of a year in isolation, the Editorial Board wanted to give a shout-out to the activities and entertainment that got us out of our heads while we were stuck in our homes.