On Saturday, April 8, the UR Latin dance club SALSEROS put on their spring show in a packed Feldman Ballroom. The club, whose name is an acronym for Spanish and Latino Students Expressing Rhythm on Stage, had spent all semester preparing this production, which brought together dance and a classic “telenovela” structure.

“Entre el amor y el olvido” followed the young Lucía through a series of romantic dramas, touching on themes of friendship, young love, and social status. Each episode culminated in a dance that highlighted the twists and turns of the story through bachata, salsa, cumbia, reggaeton, and more. The dances were beautiful, the outfit changes on point, and the whole audience gasped as the last scene ended. The show was even interspersed with equally entertaining “comerciales” featuring performances by other clubs on campus, including Sihir Bellydance and UR Bhangra, and a special appearance by RIT’s Latin Dance Rhythm Club.

SALSEROS’ CCC page states that the club’s mission is “to provide cultural and social expression through the art of dance to our fellow students and to enlighten the University community about Spanish and Latino culture,” and “Entre el amor y el olvido” was a shining success in doing just that.

One of the club’s choreographers, sophomore Diego Velázquez, commented on what the show meant to him.

“I am very happy with the result,” he said. “The show went well, [we had] excellent attendance, and most importantly, everyone had a good time.”

“At SALSEROS we work hard to make our classes and activities enjoyable for everyone,” Velázquez continued. He is looking forward to the club’s future. “For next year we will have new choreographers with a lot of creativity and enthusiasm, so expect better things.”

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