Dear Members of the University Community, 

I strongly oppose the proposed divestment resolution. 

This resolution is nothing more than another ugly manifestation of antisemitism at the University. The false accusations directed toward the people of Israel are nothing more than modern-day blood libels. 

All wars are regrettable, but the conduct of Israel in the context of horrific attacks on its innocent people has been in keeping with the recognized rules of armed conflict carried out by civilized nations. There were far greater civilian casualties, both in terms of absolute numbers and percentages, in any of the wars that have been fought by the United States of America. I hope that you can apply a level-headed and consistent approach to this question rather than being swept along by the double standard trumpeted in the popular media. Applying a double standard against Israel is an obvious expression of antisemitism. 

I hope that you can find the courage and fortitude to resist the pressure of mindless hatred against Jews that is rising up on our campus. 


Ted Pawlicki, PhD

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