From the Archives

Students stage sit-in to protest Vietnam War

On May 10, 1972, 100 students surrounded the University’s administration building, clamoring to speak with President Robert Sproull and Chancellor W. Allen Wallis. …

Dandelion Day evolves over time, students voice nostalgic concern

Since 1951, D-Day on the River Campus has adapted to fit the changing needs of the UR student body to welcome spring and the final weeks of classes.

How well do you know someone on the Internet?

The evolution of online communication cautions individuals to think about what is posted to public online social media sites.

Not your usual Campus Times: UR’s newspaper through the years

Despite many changes in modes of production, The Campus Times has remained constant in its regular syndication as well as a leading source of news at UR.

UR sexual assault resources improve since 1991

A look back at a 1991 CT article shows us just how far we’ve come.

Blast from the past: Library bomb shelter proves elusive

Rumors of a bomb shelter in Rush Rhees Library are examined with historical evidence

From the Archives: Class reunion leads to statue restoration

There are four statues of women located between Meliora Hall and Rush Rhees Library. Ever wondered where they came from or why they’re at UR? The Campus Times reported on the unveiling of these figures in 1980 and now has looked back at the story.

From the Archives: University’s historical name nearly changed to clarify image

While we know and love our school for being all that is the “University of Rochester,” back in 1986, the administration proposed changing the name to clarify UR’s image. After consultations and forums, the name remained as it still is today.

From the Archives: Boy genius studied at UR, intelligence level questioned

In 1999, a six-year-old student studied at UR, auditing Physics 110. The intelligence level of the boy genius was later questioned after word got out that his mother helped him cheat on the test that labeled him as gifted.

From the Archives: May 2- 9, 1958

There is only one time of the year when UR transforms from the typical mundane campus filled with scholars into a jungle gym full of …

From the archives

Back in the ’60s, the Campus Times didn’t have the fierce grip on University news that it cherishes today, now pompously sitting on top of …

From The Archives: May 3, 1968

During the turbulent months of 1968, campus-wide discord was quickly growing. In a backlash against grass-stained hippy optimism, students across the United States were debating …

From the CT Archives: 50 years of history

While many know the beloved Frat Quad, few know its ancient history. The sacred quadrangle may look one way today, but the assignments of houses …

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