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The Regrettes bring female-fronted punk to Montage Music Hall

Comprised of lead guitar and vocalist Lydia Night, guitarist Genessa Gariano, bassist Sage Chavis, and drummer Maxx Morando, The Regrettes combine the sweet harmonies and swayable melodies of the ‘50s with snarling guitar and bass more indicative of Bikini Kill than The Ronettes.

MIF ends year on a good note with end of semester concert

The musicians who performed on Friday seemed so genuinely joyous and enthusiastic that it became contagious.

ROC Players illuminate with ‘Into the Woods’

Reviewing my notes on the performance, one word kept on popping up: impressive.

‘Call Me By Your Name’ feels like love

Coming-of-age is something that has always fascinated me, which may be why I was so affected by Luca Guadagnino's film "Call Me By Your Name."  

Not Vanilla: The future of late night

Are there enough people watching the actual shows with the regular advertisements to keep sustaining this format of entertainment?

Media Matrix: Why I love SoundCloud

I scroll through my SoundCloud, looking at all the unsung heroes who wrote songs I’m probably never going to hear in my life.

CT Recommends: ‘Spiderland’ by Slint

The album has a unique surrealness, where we can be told what to envision but are somehow unable to conjure up images even remotely concrete.

After Hours reaches toward the future with ‘The Year 3000’

I listen to a decent amount of acapella and I wanted to capture these performances so I could listen to them over and over afterwards.

TOOP mystifies with ‘The Accidental Death of an Anarchist’

The play mainly focuses on the events that follow Pinelli’s “accidental” fall from the fourth floor of a police building.

The Little Theatre showcases big voices

I went to the Little Theatre to see the new film, “The Florida Project”. “The Florida Project” is about a community of marginalized, lower-class people living in a motel just off Disney World property.