CT Eats: Dolce Italy delights the senses

Given that we’re in Rochester, New York, approximately 4,318 miles away from Italy (but only 40 miles from Italy, New York), we’re both willing to pay a bit more for a high-quality, authentic treat.

Liv on the Edge: America, a lexicon of fashion and failure

The United States is and always has been fraught with extreme political and social turbulence — I expected celebrity attendees of an American-themed gala to reflect this more than they did.

“Beavis and Butthead” is a lot deeper than you think

Beavis and Butthead’s antics are so ridiculous that it’s easy to look down upon them — but don’t they represent a flaw that is inherent to us all?

College students + free Insomnia cookies = a batch made in heaven

A yearly tradition since 2019, this event welcomes students back to school with some sweet deals —  so long as you arrive wearing your finest sleepwear.

Lorde’s “Ribs” is a misunderstood masterpiece

Ribs” is a masterpiece that is simultaneously uplifting and sad.

Liv on the Edge: Party like it’s 2021

It’s been three weekends since the beginning of our return to in-person classes, and parties are back in full swing — it may not be 1999, but it is 2021, and we’re partying in ways we haven’t been able to in a long time.

Nothing Beets College Night at the Westside Farmers Market

As a Genesee St. resident, this wasn’t my first time at the market, but I was excited to see the special events included for College Night.

NeoCab drove me wild (in a good way)

NeoCab is hard to fit into a box. But we'll try to do just that.

For better or for worse, “Donda” proves that Kanye West is once again on fire

With West fully returning to his default state of being a weird, attention-whoring asshole, I was fully convinced that significant work was on its way out of his camp.

Jesse McCartney’s mediocre soul takes center stage at Yellow Jacket Weekend

An epic throwback to the early 2000s is exactly what we need to remind us of what once was as we “return” from the pandemic. However, while a traditional Yellowjacket Weekend performance might have been what was needed to welcome the return of our in-person semester, Jesse had other plans.