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Silent film still makes itself heard

Grimes continues to surprise in ‘Art Angels’

CT Recommends: Simongamer987

‘PULP’ exhibit breathes new life into paperback fiction

CT Recommends: Modern Romance

After Hours joins political race

Norah Jones sings in dulcet tones

Zola epic captures public imagination

‘Red’: A tale of blood and the void

CT Recommends: Trainwreck

Tales from the cemetery: writers find inspiration in the dead

An incisive mind, an eternal dream: the life and times of Steve Jobs

A heroine arises in ‘Love & Mercy’

CT Recommends: ‘You Made it Weird’

CT Recommends: ‘Boogie Nights’

Deerhunter album shoots straight

Adele’s ‘Hello’ a much-awaited greeting

Cringe comedy finds a home in ‘Nathan For You’

Varga’s ‘Energy, Mass, Light’ shines

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