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A ‘Daily Show’ on Mel Weekend

When Trevor Noah took the stage, it was clear no joke went unappreciated.

Red Ryder brings drama, nostalgia, ’70s aesthetic

The International Theatre Program’s “When you comin’ back, Red Ryder?” premiered last Thursday, opening the fall season to a full house.

Ben Folds makes audience and performers one

Ben Folds played a free outdoor concert for Meliora Weekend on Saturday, closing out a solo piano tour that took him across the Northeast.

Tony Bennett ever better with time

Up on stage, Bennett looks and sounds like an elder statesman of jazz, as essential today as he was back then.

‘Vanish’ exhibit brings ecological issues to light

The Rochester Contemporary Art Center made the invisible visible on Thursday night with the opening of its newest exhibit, “Vanish.”

Joywave confirms ROC4TIM show

Joywave has officially confirmed it will be playing in ROC4TIM on Dec. 3 at Anthology on East Ave.

Cultures meet via novel translations

A New Yorker at heart, Andrea Labinger gave a literary dimension to The Daily Refresher bar last Tuesday.

‘Atlanta’ provides comic relief with painfully realistic situations

“Atlanta,” FX’s new television show, stars Donald Glover as Earn Marks, a broke father in the titular town living off the hospitality of the mother of his child, Vanessa.

Ultraviolet meshes hip hop, nature

Part of the reason Ultraviolet's YouTube channel is so wonderful is because his videos are simple yet inspiring, just like his beats.

Bon Iver drops ’22, A Million’

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon made it abundantly clear that he is a master of balancing between too radical and not different enough