Is My Hero Academia the Japanese Marvel?

Perhaps the most well-known superhero franchise is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The influences of the American superhero culture have spread…

Emperor X is absurdly authentic

Kick back with a tall boy and jam along with the most esoteric Canadian former physics teacher to grace the 21st century lo-fi indie folk punk scene.

China Nite: CSA’s annual New Year celebration

Chinese music, dance, and theater — both traditional and contemporary — came to Strong Auditorium during China Nite, sponsored by…

ADP’s Ice Age, reviewed

UR fraternity Alpha Delta Phi held a party named after Ice Age on Saturday night. I attended it with my fraught adult body.

Unity and inclusion embraced in ‘Me Too Monologues’

This Saturday evening, instead of their usual annual performance of “The Vagina Monologues,” College Feminists presented “Me Too Monologues,” a…

Not Vanilla: Quizzes that tell you things about yourself

Hey reader! As you may already be aware, I’ve recently been trying to find a new way to procrastinate and…

Struggles of Melissa Villaseñor: Exclusive Interview

“I loved how we were all cracking up at the same thing — that connection is my favorite thing about being a comedian.”

Live from Rochester, it’s Saturday Night!

Three comedians brought the spirit of stand-up to Strong Auditorium, spitting straight humor about true things that happened to them.

Year of the Pig: Chinese New Year Cook Off

Despite nationwide class cancellations due to the frigid weather, UR students are still going strong. As February opens a new…

Not Vanilla: Jewelry City

Reader, recently I’ve been delving back into my collection of jewelry. There are few feelings as exciting as donning the…