‘Pop’ping into the mind of Andy Warhol

Placing emphasis on commerce and celebrities, his art magnifies the beauty of commonplace, widely consumed popular culture

Liv on the Edge: Bob Ross and the bittersweet reality of mistakes

I like to think that Bob Ross had it right when he said, “There are no mistakes. Only happy accidents.”

Artist Talks: UR Studio Art Seniors

Last Wednesday, UR’s 15 Studio Arts seniors gave a virtual talk discussing their past and present artworks and senior theses.…

We’re closer than you think: Mizin Shin’s ‘Small World Network Model’

The piece does a wonderfully minimalist job at representing how our social and economic systems seem to function.

“Current Seen” brings contemporary art to the streets

“Current Seen,” an exhibit soon to be shown in the Rochester Contemporary Art Center, is not only about the display…

Harnett displays art from UR faculty

The city of Rochester has received much praise over the years on its artistic and musical culture. Contributing to this…

A clothesline of stories

The Memorial Art Gallery opened its doors yet again this weekend for the iconic Clothesline Arts Festival. This event has…

Arts and Leisure: Performance

Here we are again — back to Rochester after three shimmering months of summer. Some of us are arriving for…

MAG: Our own museum

From music to dance and theatre to concerts, Rochester is a city filled with passionate art culture. Located in the…

Corning Museum: A paradise of glass

Standing outside of the museum for the first time can be overwhelming. It’s huge. The inside of the museum offers quite the opposite feeling: an atmosphere both relaxing and awe-inspiring.