Beyond Van Gogh exhibit creates an experience almost worth its price

Beyond Van Gogh was created by creative director Mathieu St-Arnaud and his team at Normal Studio in Montreal and has spread across the world.

Art in the Anthropocene: A look at Anna Lussier’s ‘Ecology in Dystopia’

Overall, Lussier’s exhibition is an impressive commentary on the unidimensional approach to environmentalism often seen in modern politics and education.

Artist Sandra Brewster gives Sawyer Seminar on art, migration, and memory

Brewster said her art is about migration, memory, community, identity, intimacy — all subjects that she has tackled for the duration of the “Blur” series.

The MAG’s contemporary edge: ‘Dawgs,’ ‘Sultana’s Dream,’ and ‘National Anthem’

While the Memorial Art Gallery's permanent collection is beautiful and rich with history, the current exhibitions give it a necessary contemporary update.

Screaming Into the Void: A night with UR’s creative writing faculty

The process is the best part of writing — or any art form, for that matter. It’s where one can find the joy in building their own unique world.

“Sites and Non-Sites”: An exhibit of glacial proportions

This site-specific installation represents how “the natural rhythms of the earth, although slow and sometimes not obvious, impact how we live today.”

Envisioning too far into the future at UR Late Night’s DIY Vision Board event

Feeling nostalgic and crafty, I took my friend Sydney to the May Room on Thursday night to make a vision board.

Becoming an artist and mixologist at the “Sip and Paint”

Thanks to the Creative Arts Club and the UHS Health Promotion Office, I learned how to watercolor paint a cherry blossom branch and made a so-called “Yellow Jacket Mocktail.”

‘Pop’ping into the mind of Andy Warhol

Placing emphasis on commerce and celebrities, his art magnifies the beauty of commonplace, widely consumed popular culture

Liv on the Edge: Bob Ross and the bittersweet reality of mistakes

I like to think that Bob Ross had it right when he said, “There are no mistakes. Only happy accidents.”