Princeton Professor, CNN Analyst Zelizer discusses Trump, bipartisanship

Julian Zelizer, a history professor and CNN political analyst, emphasized the Trump presidency not as a cause, but a product of the deep partisan polarization of American politics today.

SA Summary: Clarification bill, UR Student

Nov. 4’s SA senate meeting included discussion of a bill to clarify the origin of emails from SA leadership, the passage of a resolution showing support for UR Student, and committee plans.

Uighurs testify on persecution in China

Composed of personal testimonies from three Uighur women, an Oct. 26 event hosted by UR College Republicans gave students a…

Senate Summary: Apology to CSA, committee plans

This week’s SA meeting included continued discussion on the China-Tibet conflict, reports on committee activity, and plans for new developments for 2020.

Dean Rossi calls off Philharmonia China tour

The decision is a reversal for Rossi, who at announced last week that the orchestra would proceed with the tour, even though three South Korean members couldn't go. 

Senate Summary: Palestinian flag, Tibet email

Last week’s SA meeting (Oct. 21) included clarification of rumored plans for removal of the Palestinian flag from Hirst Lounge,…

Student arrested on assault, harassment, sexual abuse charges suspended

Rahul Saha, 26, faces charges of sexual abuse, assault, and aggravated harassment.

Albright speaks on technology, foreign policy, political discourse

“Foreign policy affects real people,” Albright said. “There is no way to be totally isolated. We need to understand how much of our lives are dependent […] on other parts of the world.”

Students air grievances with recent SA email in caucus

An Oct. 21 senate meeting anticipated to host debate on the near-removal of the Palestinian flag veered into a heated two-hour discourse scrutinizing an email sent out that morning by SA leadership and UR administration.

UR grad student arrested, charged with sexual abuse

The offenses, which include two felony counts, took place beginning around October 2018, police said.