STEM vs. humanities: The ongoing, counterproductive debate

Maybe we’ve all been wasting our time debating the relative worth of the two fields, and instead accidentally devaluing both by overlooking their individual and combined merits.

TikTok’s glorification of eating disorders

Self-love isn’t always realistic; self-acceptance is much better.

My boyfriend, my rapist

I met my rapist 10 days after I graduated from high school. Fresh-faced and doe-eyed, I was quick to fall in love with a boy two years older than me.

Waving the flag of exhaustion

We’ve grown up in a time when going to college is simply not enough to get a job. There are countless other boxes to check.

What do you want to get out of college?

I am definitely not saying that you should throw your GPA out the window and go paint all day, but do things with intent.

Your hair may be fried, but you don’t have to be

Who am I when I’m not new and fresh? This question, to say the least, haunts me.

Let go of the guilt in guilty pleasures

Wear pink until your skin is stained with it, do your makeup for three hours every morning if you enjoy it, dance your damn heart out to Big Time Rush, or BTS, or whatever makes you happy.

Code switching and moving between worlds

A big problem with being active in so many worlds is not only the struggle to fit into one world perfectly, but determining when it’s necessary to speak a certain way in a shared environment.

Nature versus nurture: Will it be like this forever?

I lived my life between exams, pausing everything in my life for tests. I’d have to learn to deal with it. And deal with it I did — but at a consistent cost to my sanity.

I actually think my parents are good parents

Some people think that there is a perfect method of parenting. I don’t believe that.