If money is all that you love

Somebody, or perhaps multiple people, weighed the prospect of hurting a customer against the prospect of losing money, and decided that the latter was worse.

Let’s talk about MERT

Why MERT isn't the reason why being MERTed is so expensive.

Why college students should pay attention to national debt

While it may not be of the moment, the national debt is something that effects all of our futures - so we should talk about it.

Services and us

Students need to be more concerned and involved with the people that serve them every day.

En-door-sing a change

A common courtesy that has been entrenched in gender role stereotyping is explored.

Helping the homeless?

For an event that claims to have the aim of raising awareness, Homeless 4 Homeless does the opposite.

UR’s political culture and its effects

It's time to stop the polarization that this country has been experiencing and come together as a campus.

Trump’s twittersphere

President Trump needs to change the way he addresses his Twitter and in turn the public now that he is the POTUS.

Standing with Standing Rock

Standing Rock signifies much more than just a protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Mind the science gap

Thoughts on the decline of science literacy in America, and what the scientific community can do about it.