Trigger warnings don’t interfere with learning

When you go skiing, do you look at the ratings for the difficulty of each run? A trigger warning is that, for discourse.

Smoking should be banned—but it’s a hard habit to break

There’s no way we could expect everyone who smokes to stop smoking next July.

Smoking ban: it’s not the University’s place to decide

One of the primary issues with this policy is that it is the result of a lack of enforcement.

REACH funding has improved, but change is still needed

The Career Center says more than 70 students utilized the program this past summer. With over 5,500 undergraduate students, I think a break into the triple digits is warranted.

Why 707 acres isn’t enough

Let’s talk about what you can do outside of the 707-acre campus.

My experience being a Donald Trump supporter for two days

I’m a different person now. When they come in my way, I can just shout loud enough.

Shapiro is a champion of free speech

Trigger warning: I support Ben Shapiro. Reflecting on Ben Shapiro’s speech this week, here are the five things Shapiro claims that the left uses to stifle opposing opinions—and why he is right.

Shapiro is a provocateur

Ultimately, Shapiro both failed to deliver on College Republicans’ title for the event and succeeded in spewing vitriol and disrespect to boost his ego and conservative support.

On contingent faculty

You may have heard the news: faculty at this school are coming together to form a union.

Double, double, toil and trouble — and Trump

Donald Trump has taken the nation by storm with his crass, apolitical style. Despite all of his racist and ignorant statements, he is continually gaining support. Why is this happening?