In defense of the two party system

It is a fallacy to look at a system flexing and adapting to current political trends, and demand its complete upending — especially when the system isn’t being used to the fullest extent.

Patriotism can be dangerous, but South Korea shows it’s necessary

Without tender patriotism, a healthy democracy cannot exist. 

You’re cancelled: a choose your own adventure

Before we decide which adventure to choose, let’s establish that we’re assuming two things: You are very close with a person who did a very bad thing, and that there is evidence that they did it.

Don’t dismiss Appalachia

I do not propose that their solutions to being ignored, like voting predominantly for Trump and other right-wing populists, are correct responses.

When home becomes a foreign place

Struggling to grapple with this difference, I set out to find mementos  —  pictures, journals, old scratched CDs — searching through the puzzle to see where I could fit in, and find a sense of belonging.

Take “busy” off the pedestal

We are worsening our routines and encouraging others to do the same. We’ve internalized the idea that more work leads to more success.

Scary movies are scary and also bad

I have better things to freak out over than fictional monsters.

Halloween needs more men in crop tops

Satisfaction in the self can only come from experimentation and being allowed to express your style the way you want to.

The peristeronic postmodernism of Halloween

“Who are you supposed to be?” That’s a bit loaded, isn’t it? Aren’t we all trying to figure out what we’re supposed to be?

My house is changing

And sometimes it’s hard, but this change is a chance to make a new world for myself, in a new place that I get to see change while I do, too.