My experience being a Donald Trump supporter for two days

I’m a different person now. When they come in my way, I can just shout loud enough.

Shapiro is a champion of free speech

Trigger warning: I support Ben Shapiro. Reflecting on Ben Shapiro’s speech this week, here are the five things Shapiro claims that the left uses to stifle opposing opinions—and why he is right.

Shapiro is a provocateur

Ultimately, Shapiro both failed to deliver on College Republicans’ title for the event and succeeded in spewing vitriol and disrespect to boost his ego and conservative support.

On contingent faculty

You may have heard the news: faculty at this school are coming together to form a union.

Double, double, toil and trouble — and Trump

Donald Trump has taken the nation by storm with his crass, apolitical style. Despite all of his racist and ignorant statements, he is continually gaining support. Why is this happening?

Why we’re bringing Ben Shapiro to campus

Rochester’s College Republicans will host conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro on April 5 to speak on the threats to the freedom of speech currently permeating college campuses. Mr. Shapiro has a lengthy and impressive resume of conservative activism, making him a voice that is not heard often on campus.

For honest tours Campus Sherpas isn’t the answer

Campus Sherpas is a student-run tour guide service, started by two Georgetown University students in 2014.

WMD’s are not the issue in Syria

It is important to distinguish between humanitarian catastrophes and national security threats, as the boogeyman of WMDs has killed far more Americans than WMDs ever have.

Tainted water and lives in flint

It is truly sad to see that the residents of Flint, Michigan, are reduced to such a sorry state, with their main source of water so heavily tainted.

Weighing a cure against a disease

The Zika virus is the most recent international health emergency, and has been the centerpiece of debate over the growing threat of epidemics.