Criticism of Kaepernick is too harsh

Ginsburg’s response was completely unacceptable and problematic in numerous ways.

Mystery meat: Douglass still needs labels

In the past two months, only one thing has gotten in the way of my full enjoyment of the food at Douglass: the lack of nutrition labels.

Media gave short shrift to hurricane Matthew

I found that the pain of Hurricane Matthew was lost among other concerning current events.

Looking forward to fall break

And now, it’s time for us to embrace our fantastic and imminent fall break.

Fifty shades of grey: Liberation or continued oppression?

In response to those third-wave feminists who see any alternative discourse on sex as good discourse, I make the argument that sexual liberation would require women to imagine a new form of sexual interaction.

Professors’ politics not an issue, if students think critically

I am a firm believer in the right to challenge knowledge and the duty to be open to opposing ideology. Without challenge, without doubt, how can truth ever be revealed?

Lam Square’s all-gender restroom represents real progress

I am proud of our school for taking a step.

Your vote counts: don’t sit out the election

If you live in the U.S., chances are that for the past two years you’ve been bombarded by non-stop talk about the upcoming Presidential election.

Clinton ascends into relatability

My relationship with Hillary Clinton is kind of like my relationship with my aunt.

Image is key in first debate

The most exciting and disappointing moments of an election year are the presidential debates.