The case for Hillary

It’s obvious that Clinton is the most experienced and prepared candidate for the presidency in decades.

The case for Bernie

As we draw closer to the 2016 Presidential election, political discourse is heating up throughout the nation. But something is different this time...the millennial generation is far more involved in the political process than previous generations were.

Town hall meetings fall short, we need rapid change

After protesting and listing demands it seems that the University has responded with their usual passing of responsibility.

At SOTU, Obama delivers hopeful message of conciliation

President Obama, in his last major address to the nation, reminded us of the importance of working together. It’s time we listen.

With address, Obama fails to mend division

President Obama’s speech reflected his need to defend his legacy as president, at a time when a large majority of Americans believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction.

It has to stop: pro-gun rhetoric is costing lives

It's a matter of national security.

UR Parking: Charge us more, please

Last week, Campus Times Photo Editor Parsa Lotfi repeated a common complaint among students  (“Park It, UR,” Nov. 12, Opinions).…

The hypocrisy of tolerance and free speech

A few weeks ago, Yale University’s Intercultural Affairs Committee sent an email to students reminding them to be culturally sensitive…

We deserve better debates

No, we’re not watching Lincoln-Douglas. That much should be apparent by now, whether you’re a Republican watching the Democrats’ debates,…

Assad is not guiltless in Islamic State’s growth

The Islamic State (IS)  developed out of corruption from the Iraqi and Syrian governments in their oppression of Sunni civilians.…