Holiday break isn’t just a celebration

Everyone has been so busy this semester, and it’s difficult to relax knowing that we have assignments due as soon as class resumes.

The main character complex isn’t as glamorous as we think

This portrayal of idealized, effortless main-character-like friendships is unrelatable and only serves to fulfill our fantasies.

In big decisions, don’t settle for compromise

Is it unrealistic to want to not just be placated and content, but to be legitimately satisfied and fulfilled in the long-term?

Budgets need more flexibility

After weeks of online forms, multiple meetings, a hearing, and more forms, we were able to receive supplemental funding.

The overlooked issue on animal testing

Once you’ve gotten used to one way of doing things, finding a practical yet different solution is a challenge.

Response to ‘Inside the Health Promotion Office’

This letter has been written in response to an anonymous op-ed published last week, titled "Inside the Health Promotion Office."

A more engaging way to teach science

We should teach students how wrong famous historical scientists were. It would encourage students to be wrong, to experiment.

Protests, pressure cookers, and critical thinking

During the heat of the moment, when emotions and pressure are high, there is a high chance we will take actions we will regret.

Inside the Health Promotion Office

Bottom line — prioritizing specific, diverse programming is more important than a new yoga session in the library. 

I am exactly like other girls

Somehow I thought that almost all girls liked pink and skirts and makeup, and they were just making the wrong choice.