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No more pink soap: Why the University’s decision to implement fragrance-free soap is a move in the right direction

The ubiquitous pink soap in University bathrooms are gone, replaced with Purell “Fragrance-Free” dispensers. Why the change?

Invasive lanternfly arrives in Rochester: see it, squish it, report it

The spotted lanternfly, an invasive bug species native to southeast Asia, has been spotted in Rochester, according to the New…

Alexandra Cousteau: Sincere or disingenuous?

She recognizes that pollution can be both a universal truth and something to be stopped, so why does she turn a blind eye to the displacement of people?

Alexandra Cousteau makes waves in contemporary ocean conservation

In her presentation this past week, Alexandra Cousteau, a world-renowned environmental advocate, offered a glimmer of hope in an age of overwhelming nihilism.

Orangutans and the One-Health Initiative in Borneo

In a recent webinar titled “One-Health Initiative in Borneo: Transforming Community Health and Saving Endangered Orangutans,” veterinarian Dr. Jeffery Wyatt gave a powerful presentation about his holistic work in Indonesian Borneo

Save the planet: Repurpose your Halloween costume

I have a proposal: Normalize wearing Halloween costumes year round.

Mermaid on fire

I’ve had pneumonia five times. I’ve had bronchitis more than a dozen times and typically for months on end. Last year I was sick for the entire time between August and January. My bronchitis was resistant to antibiotics, inhalers, and most treatments. It was all because, somewhere along the years, I’d started breathing in smoke instead of air.

The hidden dangers of microplastics

Many of the negative impacts humans have on the environment are visible to the naked eye. Trash washes up on…

Wilson Commons and Douglass go dark for Earth Hour

The event was put together by the Astronomy Club in hopes of gathering support for a lighting system throughout campus that is more environmentally conscious. It also aimed to inform students of the dangers of climate change and the need for sustainability now.