Silk Sonic’s timeless sound outlives critics’ questions of its authenticity

Silk Sonic manages to bring nostalgia for a beloved era of music, whilst perfectly balancing a carefree self-awareness of its parody with serious artistry.

Feeling all too unwell: The impact of Taylor’s new heart-wrenching short film

The thing about “All Too Well” is that most people have their own person they think of when they hear it, and the short film does a good job of drawing out the memories of that person.

OBOC stuns with “Something About This Night”

Although the group is not wholly composed of innate performers, OBOC’s members’ passion for musical theatre is evident in every number.

Snail Mail shows maturity and lyricism in new album ‘Valentine’

A departure from her debut album “Lush,” Jordan moves from unrequited love onto love that’s been had and then lost.

Don’t be sad that Lorde is happy: The journey told in “Solar Power”

A good portion of the songs from the album seem to be about the journey towards happiness and the revelation that is in the process of becoming happy. 

Vocal Point, YellowJackets sing their hearts out at Fringe Fest

The excitement of being back on stage and singing was visible both on the performers’ faces and in the way they held nothing back, giving 110% of their hearts and souls to the music.

Carillon concerts ring in new semester

Students Claire Janezic and Kayla Gunderson have performed at all three concerts so far this semester, and I had the amazing opportunity to ask them what it’s like to play inside the bell tower of Rush Rhees.

Lorde’s “Ribs” is a misunderstood masterpiece

Ribs” is a masterpiece that is simultaneously uplifting and sad.

For better or for worse, “Donda” proves that Kanye West is once again on fire

With West fully returning to his default state of being a weird, attention-whoring asshole, I was fully convinced that significant work was on its way out of his camp.

Jesse McCartney’s mediocre soul takes center stage at Yellow Jacket Weekend

An epic throwback to the early 2000s is exactly what we need to remind us of what once was as we “return” from the pandemic. However, while a traditional Yellowjacket Weekend performance might have been what was needed to welcome the return of our in-person semester, Jesse had other plans.