Sgt. Pepper’s concert salutes Beatles’ history

Faculty, students, staff, and alumni from the Eastman School and River Campus Music Department made up the band on Saturday night for “‘It Was 50 Years Ago Today’: A Sgt. Pepper Celebration.”

CT recommends: Angel Olsen

The breathiness of Lana Del Rey, the jazzy upbeat of Zooey Deschanel, and a devil’s-in-the-details touch that’s all her own, Angel Olsen’s album is one to dance around your room alone and maybe have a good cry to.

Vaporwave sound makes nostalgia surface

"OASYS" is serene, nostalgic, and just a little bit funny.

Sheeran sells out (again)

Ed Sheeran is losing the very things that make him a compelling pop star, with hubris and swagger replacing his former honesty and down-to-earth image.

The Demos welcome Rochester’s cooperative music community

The Demos is a Rochester band with an indie-rock sound, self-described on its Facebook page as being influenced by "girls, fast cars, nightlife, girls, reckless romance, and girls."

Sun Kil Moon invites listeners to think more

It is exceptionally rare, especially within the realm of music, that we get such a realistic look into someone else’s head.

Gumball Machine is very, very gay

If you are looking for gay artists or are feeling really gay or just want to feel like you're in a dark club with neon pink lights and sweat beading on your neck, Gumball Machine is worth a listen.

Mr. Carmack concert brings UR EDM scene together

Mr. Carmack's style is a mix of EDM and synth, which he describes as the “hinge to the doorway between dance music and hip hop.”

Eastman band The Saplings plants roots in Rochester

The Saplings fun-filled fusion of pop, rock, jazz, and many styles new and old has been providing audiences with upbeat, danceable entertainment since they formed in 2016.

Dreamy synth EP floats among the soundclouds

Mallrat could be called synth-pop, but an even better label for her music at this point in history would be punk.