The house concert: an undying part of music culture

As recorded music became more widespread, we slowly entered the age of large arena concerts, and house concerts fell out of favor. Recently, however, the house concert scene has been seeing a resurgence, primarily in the United States.

Is Pop Punk Cool Again?

Pop punk’s revival has been ushered in by both mainstream artists and alternative rock groups, both of whom have a mix of old and new artists in the genre pushing pop punk back into popularity.

Orville Peck subverts country music conventions with “Bronco”

In this new “bro-country” movement, subversion is completely lost, which is why someone like Orville Peck, with the first two chapters of his latest album “Bronco,” is so important for this era of country music. 

Out of a two-year hiatus, Mitski explores relationships in ‘Laurel Hell’

“Laurel Hell” takes an axe to the typical idea of love songs and gives us a deeper, realer, more melancholic take on the gray areas of struggling through a relationship.

Grace Conheady’s “Hello, Goodbye, and In Between” is an elegy for those in limbo

While you can just sit and let the instrumentals envelop you in a hazy fog of sound and be perfectly content with the album, focusing on the lyrics adds extra depth that is perfect background fodder for a good cry.

Liv on the Edge: Spotify Wrapped, 2021, and me

All of these moments, which slipped through my fingers like tiny grains of sand, are accounted for in my Spotify Wrapped playlist.

Aminé emerges from quarantine with ‘TWOPOINTFIVE,’ his most exciting experiment yet

Aminé takes hyperpop and smoothens out its rough edges — what results is a sugary pop rap record that translates his eccentricity into music.

Silk Sonic’s timeless sound outlives critics’ questions of its authenticity

Silk Sonic manages to bring nostalgia for a beloved era of music, whilst perfectly balancing a carefree self-awareness of its parody with serious artistry.

Feeling all too unwell: The impact of Taylor’s new heart-wrenching short film

The thing about “All Too Well” is that most people have their own person they think of when they hear it, and the short film does a good job of drawing out the memories of that person.

OBOC stuns with “Something About This Night”

Although the group is not wholly composed of innate performers, OBOC’s members’ passion for musical theatre is evident in every number.