The inevitability of adulting

The problem is that I’m not nearly as mature as I’d like to be, and, being immature and impatient, I’d very much like to change now, and not wait around for the next life-changing event.

On Tibet (and everything) avoid profiling

Discourse about this issue is important, even welcome. But you need to be civil, open-minded, and humble. Not being racist helps.

Introversion and the imposter syndrome in college

Especially for introverts, classes present the tough situation of “putting yourself out there” when you really don’t want to.

You want better drivers? Test them

Driver’s licenses should have to be renewed every few years. The test should be repeated to ensure a driver is still safe to be on the road.

New Perspective: My study abroad experience during the Korean summer program

The experience of studying in a different country and culture than your own cannot be overemphasized. As someone who rarely…

Any sauce is too much sauce

I am wholly against the use of all condiments in food. You can keep your mustard-drenched hot dogs and ketchup-drowned…

Rocky needs a reevaluation

Can someone please explain to me why our mascot is not a groundboi?  Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a mascot as “a…

The problem with hook-up culture

Modern society is plagued with an unnatural and confusing paradigm in romantic relationships: hook-up culture. This new relationship status is…

More journalism, please and thank you

If you want to go into journalism at UR — and we think you should — there are only so…

Letter to the editor clarifying dry frats

A recent opinion piece for the Campus Times acknowledged changes to alcohol policies at the national level that impact the…