Reject the gun recommendation

Seligman should certainly not accept the recommendation as it now stands, and it must be subjected to careful fact-checking if he is to consider it at all.

Making mind out of matter

“Don’t lose your science,” she would tell me, “Draw, paint, write, but whatever you do, don’t lose your science.

Gun plan isn’t bulletproof

The final decision on the matter remains for Seligman to make, but the proposal, for all its flaws, is a good one.

How to be happy

The advice I am about to give about course planning at UR will, of course, not apply to everyone.

Trigger warnings don’t interfere with learning

When you go skiing, do you look at the ratings for the difficulty of each run? A trigger warning is that, for discourse.

Smoking should be banned—but it’s a hard habit to break

There’s no way we could expect everyone who smokes to stop smoking next July.

Smoking ban: it’s not the University’s place to decide

One of the primary issues with this policy is that it is the result of a lack of enforcement.

Learn from Lam Square

What, exactly, is the point of all those tablets, apart from serving as autograph books and doodle pads? Are they just advertisements?

Cheers and Jeers for the new year

Cheers to the new swingset in the grassy bowl behind Rush Rhees Library.

We need critics, too

News outlets, powerful and influential as they are, have an obligation to report things fairly, but sometimes impartiality becomes detachment.