‘Color’ week means well, falls short

We're Better Than THAT's week long campaign has all the right goals, but in the end doesn't land.

Thoughts for food

The University's food options are anything but satisfactory.

Standing with Standing Rock

Standing Rock signifies much more than just a protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Mind the science gap

Thoughts on the decline of science literacy in America, and what the scientific community can do about it.

Cheers and jeers

The Editorial Board relays some of the highs and lows of being a student this semester.

Lots for all

A delve into the University's parking problem from the perspective of a freshman.

A shocking but expected week with President Trump

It’s clear that there isn’t really a difference between candidate Trump and 45th President of the United States Trump.

Obama and the left

Understanding Obama's failures as president is critical to understanding Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign.

The next move

These times of political discontent have left many feeling hopeless, afraid, and alone among all the madness going on.

On Trump’s order, UR is falling behind its peers

For a university that seems to make so many decisions based on the policies of their peer institutions, you’d think they’d have taken the hint on this one.