A call for Sociology

An Open Letter to the University of Rochester Community Regarding the Current Campus Racial Climate.

The case for Hillary

It’s obvious that Clinton is the most experienced and prepared candidate for the presidency in decades.

The case for Bernie

As we draw closer to the 2016 Presidential election, political discourse is heating up throughout the nation. But something is different this time...the millennial generation is far more involved in the political process than previous generations were.

Trump and ‘blue collar fears’

Now that Trump has been beaten in the Iowa Caucus, it is much easier for people to write him off as a reality star who played with fire.

Berned out

Sanders isn’t perfect, and he isn’t immune to criticism—something many Sanders supporters, at least those who populate social media, either don’t understand or refuse to accept.

Gun safety is a top priority for America going forward

Gun violence in America has been and will always be an issue about having the fundamental right to feel safe.

A reinforced endorsement

Their commitment to truly seeking out the desires of the student body at-large has been particularly noticeable.

A letter to my Grandfather

Tom was a honorable UR alumnus with strong virtues that he stuck by unwaveringly until his passing.

Town hall meetings fall short, we need rapid change

After protesting and listing demands it seems that the University has responded with their usual passing of responsibility.

We hear you, concerned students

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee, founded in 2006, brings together staff from all across the University community to discuss initiatives and events around race, ethnic and cultural diversity.