Publications and pandemics

We had finally adjusted to the new “normal”. And then it changed once again.

UR is online, again

Now, there is no excuse. At the least, we deserve decisive policymaking and actual communication to back the administration's decisions up.

A guide to doing ‘nothing’

So go on, don’t feel guilty about doing nothing after finals. Start that Marvel movie marathon you’ve always wanted to.

Why the modern Renaissance man needs to change

I don’t see how conformity is worth the risk of an almost inevitable collapse of personal spirit and drive.

UR’s minimum wage increase is righting a wrong

What should be questioned about this increase is the fact that the minimum wage wasn’t $15 an hour already.

Don’t force people to fight for their mental health

The boundaries that do exist are there to stop healthy students from taking advantage of something they don’t need.

Kenosha’s Kyle Rittenhouse is one of many

In my opinion, the lack of response to this verdict indicates the absolute exhaustion that permeates the town.

Our labor is worth more

We deserve $15. Full stop. We deserve more, frankly. The whole country would benefit from higher wages at the lowest level jobs.

I’m a big kid now

So, what’s the point of going against my norm and not going home? Well, it’s to make sure that I have the space to develop as an individual.

Holiday break isn’t just a celebration

Everyone has been so busy this semester, and it’s difficult to relax knowing that we have assignments due as soon as class resumes.