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Cheers and jeers: Mel Weekend edition

Jeers to whichever students (or alumni!) stole the “R” from the gigantic M-E-L-I-O-R-A on the Eastman Quad.

Reject the gun recommendation

Seligman should certainly not accept the recommendation as it now stands, and it must be subjected to careful fact-checking if he is to consider it at all.

Gun plan isn’t bulletproof

The final decision on the matter remains for Seligman to make, but the proposal, for all its flaws, is a good one.

Learn from Lam Square

What, exactly, is the point of all those tablets, apart from serving as autograph books and doodle pads? Are they just advertisements?

Cheers and Jeers for the new year

Cheers to the new swingset in the grassy bowl behind Rush Rhees Library.

We need critics, too

News outlets, powerful and influential as they are, have an obligation to report things fairly, but sometimes impartiality becomes detachment.

A call for decorum in the DPS gun debate

These people are not stupid. They are not out to bilk students out of their money, to make them feel unsafe, or to operate in secrecy in order to sneak possibly objectionable measures under their noses.
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A clinical response

The Editorial Board commends the University on its robust response to the recent outbreak of Norovirus within the campus community.

Martino’s and Floto’s SA

The Editorial Board congratulates juniors Vito Martino and Lance Floto on becoming Students’ Association (SA) President and Vice President. Having endorsed them, we are pleased to see that the candidates we believed to be best for the position will now hold office.

SA presidential debate disappoints

None of the candidates distinguished themselves as frontrunners, and we left the debate with scant confidence in any of the tickets.
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