Editorial Boards

YoUR vote matters

The more that young people vote, the more likely it is that politicians will take our generation-specific concerns seriously.

Avenues for student expression are dwindling

When things get hard, the University simply removes the source of the problem, with little discussion or debate around the issue. 

It happened here. Will it change here?

The University’s expressions of support for Black lives are at the mercy of the news cycle. 

We are still in a pandemic

We always think it can’t happen to us, until it does. We are not immune.

We all want ‘normal,’ but normal can’t happen yet

You have to police yourself and your friends, because the University can’t.

Cheers and jeers: (Virtual) commencement

Cheers to the seniors who, due to COVID-19 or anything else, aren’t graduating yet.

If fall is online, changes must be made

If we’re going to be expected to pay the same tuition, the current set of online learning guidelines won’t cut it. So here’s what we want to see.

@Rochester, stop hiding important info

One thing we all have in common these days is we have more questions than answers.  No one knows what…

Promising proposals from SA presidential platforms

Though many initiatives can and should be completed in a term, we’re highlighting one policy we find promising and feasible from each ticket.

UR’s COVID-19 response was good, but it can be ever better

While UR has not been perfect in their response to COVID-19, there is much to appreciate.