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SA Senate elections matter

As campaign posters start to pop up, it’s once again time to elect the first-year SA senators.  With over 20…

Jaeger has not left UR

For those who were here in the fall of 2017, the name T. Florian Jaeger conjures up memories of an…

D-Day: 2019’s Fyre Festival?

Bright and early at 8 a.m. on Dandelion Day, UR’s Student Programming Board posted a list of expectations for students…

We all have a stake in the DPS gun proposal

The DPS gun proposal from last October will be decided on this Monday. Since the proposal was announced, we have…

The ‘Weed Raid’: Truth, lies, and how memes fit in

A healthy amount of skepticism might save you next time from sprinting out of class to your room to hide your bong from dogs that aren’t coming.

More botched communication on gun proposal with Advisory Committee

If the Committee’s formation was a step toward inclusive dialogue, its opaqueness before this pivotal vote is a step back.

Analyzing 2019 SA candidate proposals

We looked at three main factors for a proposal: usefulness, viability, and thoroughness.

Talk about mental health with the right people

Despite ongoing progress, an uphill battle remains against stigmas surrounding mental health problems, especially in terms of treating them.

Dining deserves decency

We know you really love loading your bowl up with cajun ranch, but your mother taught you how to treat others with a modicum of respect, Trent.

When to shroud your sources in journalism

How can the reader evaluate a stories’ legitimacy if they don’t know who it’s coming from?