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Dining deserves decency

[caption id="attachment_263952" align="aligncenter" width="430"] Illustration by Reed Steiner[/caption] “Rice. Cheddar cheese. Ranch.” A tall thin man in a peacoat —…

When to shroud your sources in journalism

How can the reader evaluate a stories’ legitimacy if they don’t know who it’s coming from?

Next year’s tuition: A limited analysis

Make sure you’re taking your numbers with a side of context.

Classroom alignments need to take a seat

When you spend 75 minutes with a classmate’s elbow in your mouth, it may inhibit your ability to learn.

The perils of all-or-nothing romance

You’re finally with that person you’d been checking out semi-weekly in chemistry. They’ve become the only thing that matters. Your…

UR needs to take the weather seriously

UR is known for its policy of not closing during severe winter storms. How does this affect the students, staff, and faculty?

Beware the lens

We’re all biased. It follows that our friends are biased too.

Manglesdorf promising, but faces challenges

For now we are cautiously optimistic, but actions speak louder than words.

The stakes are lower than you think

Sleep and diet can fall by the wayside when a cumulative exam remains to be studied for.

We put study spaces in their places

With finals just around the corner, we’ve compiled our rankings of some major study spaces on campus, from worst to best.