Editorial Boards

The University lets students down by waving the white flag

It seems more and more like upper administration, the actual brain and decision-making power of the University, is incompetent at best, and cowardly at worst.

Campus Culture is O(UR)S To Change

Do something entirely new, even if you hate it. That transition back to a lively, spirited campus is in your hands.

Ed Board recommends: Fun ways to ignore your problems

To celebrate what feels like the end of a year in isolation, the Editorial Board wanted to give a shout-out to the activities and entertainment that got us out of our heads while we were stuck in our homes.

Money talks more than mass emails

The University needs to start giving back to the community that it’s anchored in.

Next year, SA has more opportunities than ever before to make change

UR is in a unique state of unrest, where issues that would normally take years of effort and lobbying and endless committee-forming have the opportunity to be fast-tracked.

Being an ally to Asians in America should continue indefinitely

You have a moral obligation to look for the way institutional issues touch your life, because they do.

A review of on-campus upperclassmen housing

You’re going to want to know what you’re getting yourself into when you pick a dorm, and the University’s “all housing is great housing” website descriptions won’t cut it.

The new guest policy matters a lot to an important campus minority

This policy doesn’t change much for that large group of students who don’t care what the rules are.

We can’t cover campus without the community

You, the University community, are the backbone of this paper.

Cheers and jeers: Spring reopening

Cheers to not needing to enter a pause. Yet.