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SA petition site promises change for the better

What do the Kosher Corner, Hillside receipts, the Gold Line and the course registration website all have in common? All of them were the subjects …

rock climbing

Club Spotlight: UR Rock Climbing Club

Photo Courtesy of Adam Fenster

Founded in 2011, the UR Rock Climbing Club promotes the sport of rock climbing and establishes a community of people …

UR Tech: Crystal Knows

It was like reading through a performance review that a teacher or boss had written about me. My goals. My communication traits. “Pursues goals aggressively …

Jodi Says: Getting it on when you can’t get it up

So you’re getting sexy with someone, and things are getting heated, but, er, certain body parts are not responding, if you know what I mean.

Definitely …


UR Tech: Anonymity online

Christian Cieri – Illustrator

It’s known as the “Greater Internet F***wad Theory.”

Coined by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik of the popular gaming site Penny Arcade, …

Jodi Says: How to be good at sex

Cosmo’s sex advice will tell you to eat a donut off your man’s boner or some other ridiculous thing. That’s because Cosmo’s approach to good …


How to spend a day in Rochester

Christian Cieri – Illustrator

It’s easy to feel bored and isolated on campus when we’re bordered by the cemetery and the river. You may be …

Student Advocates group established to provide legal help on campus

Student Advocates, a newly developed student organization, works to educate, inform and assist students who have been cited for misconduct or are faced with trouble …


A day in the life of a D’Lion

Photo Courtesy of D’Lions

Remember when you were a brand new freshman getting ready to move into your room? The door to your room was …

ur tech

UR Tech: Easter eggs in the Digital Age

Christian Cieri – Illustrator

Spring is swiftly approaching, and so is Easter. But, Easter eggs don’t just appeal to sugar-addicted toddlers and commercialized animals.

In the …

Jodi Says: How to fall in love

1. Try falling for a friend.

They know you, they love you. You know them, you love them. They also happen to be the gender that …

Coach Izzo, Arre-1

Beloved coach leaves long-lasting legacy

Alyssa Arre – Senior Staff

You can hear him from anywhere on the track. His voice projects above every other sound you hear. He is standing …

3-25-15 UR Tech Take 2

UR Tech: Solved Games

Christian Cieri – Illustrator

If you sit down and play a virtual game of checkers on your computer, there’s a good chance it’ll let you …

ankle bracelet

Mela showcases a fashion medley

Photo courtesy of Marisa Caiola

This past weekend, ADITI held its annual cultural celebration event, “Mela.” This year’s event  was of special importance because it …


ADITI celebrates its 30th anniversary

Photo Courtesy of ADITI

The Association for the Development of Interest in the Indian Subcontinent (ADITI) is celebrating its 30th year on campus this year.

In …

Jodi Says: Come again?

Multiple orgasms? That’s not even real: the female orgasm isn’t even a real thing, just a myth!

Just kidding, that’s not true at all.

Of course, having …

Jodi Says: Swearing isn’t sexy

Most swear words fall into two categories: words referring to genitalia and words that harass people’s sexuality, race or religion. Both are disappointing to me; …

Net Neutrality

UR Tech: The Grumpy Cat

Christian Cieri – Illustrator

Grumpy Cat is making the rounds at Comcast’s headquarters this week. Adorned on a banner carried  by a plane circling the …

Starbucks serves up a hot cup of service

Monday mornings are the worst. It’s always a struggle to get out of bed for your first class. You get dressed, put in your earbuds …

amman 2

View from abroad: Amman, Jordan

Courtesy of Noor Shah

At the University of Rochester, International Relations majors are required to study abroad for a semester and complete at least two …


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