As climate threat ensues, UR looks to greener alternatives

Ali Komar / Photo Editor

UR is particularly well-known for being forward in thinking when it comes to sustainability. Just this year, it ranked 6th …


Previous UR student founds international non-profit

Courtesy of SmileyGo

The movement towards social entrepreneurship is attracting more and more followers today. Youths much like ourselves are no longer satisfied with the …

Group picture

Debate Union tackles contentious topics

Courtesy of Debate Union

UR’s Debate Union is a competitive academic team that competes regionally, nationally, and internationally in frequent tournaments of Policy Debate and …


Post graduation, UR students look towards service

Courtesy of Chris Cieri

As the first semester draws to a close and seniors begin to prepare for graduation, many students look toward the future …

Jodi Says: Pain in the ass

So you and your partner have agreed that you want to try anal sex- awesome! (Not there yet? Check out last week’s issue!) Butt – …

Pirate Bay

UR Tech: At Pirate Bay, the ship has sunk

Courtesy of Chris Cieri

It appears the ship has sailed. Or sunk, as it were. On Tuesday morning, the server rooms of the massive peer-to-peer …

Jodi Says: Getting the A-OK for the A-S-S

Everybody’s talking about Kim Kardashian’s butt, as usual, because big butts are a big deal nowadays. With the rise of the butt has come the …

e internet

UR Tech: Globalizaing internet

Liz Beson, Illustrator

Getting internet to a country that barely has running water can be a tough problem. Cell phones have proven to be less …


Tiernan Project, living and serving together

Courtesy of Stephanie Denzler

When Tiernan Project was founded in 1974, it began as a student group composed entirely of residents living in Tiernan Hall. …

unnamed (6)

Fraternity member leads fight against rape culture

Courtesy of Tate Richards

In the past year and a half, the controversy surrounding Robin Thicke and his song, “Blurred Lines,” has infiltrated social media …


Thanksgiving, how times have changed

Most Americans are familiar with the story of a fall day in 1621, the day of the first ever Thanksgiving, when the colonists celebrated their …

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Off the field, athletes reach out to community

Since 2004, UR student-athletes have been working to improve the world through involvement in the St. Sebastian Society, a student organization sponsored by the Catholic …


The best of College Town Express

What’s purple, rectangular, and can take you to a place that has everything you’ll ever want? The College Town Express!

The newest addition to the University’s …

Jodi Says: Coming close…

I’m just going to cut right to the chase: orgasming can be hard.

Regardless of your gender, it’s likely that at some point, for some reason …


UR Tech: Hacking, easy as pi

Courtesy of Eric Chiodo

I find trying to explain my work at family reunions to be a weird affair. Some relative or other will inevitably …

unnamed (2)

Foreign Focus: New Delhi, India

The world’s seventh largest country by geographic area, India is one of the fastest growing developing countries. It has remarkable religious diversity, including Hinduism, Buddhism, …


Transition Opportunities at UR: Encouraging and motivating students with disabilites

An individual born with a mental disability is faced with many obstacles, many of which the majority cannot understand. Social stigmas against the disabled these …


Flu clinic strives to protect UR community

Each year, 5-20% of the American population is diagnosed with the flu. Approximately 200,000 citizens are hospitalized due to flu symptoms, and the illness results …

UR Tech: Text anxiety

You’ve just sent the text that will change your life. It might be to that girl you’ve had a crush on for a year, or …

Student groups seek to promote political participation

For many college-aged American citizens, this week’s election was the first of many opportunities to cast a ballot. Yet a large turnout was not expected. …

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