Exploring the Green Line

Hello, adventurers! In an effort to keep you engaged in the city we live in, the Campus Times  has compiled a few hot spots on the UR Green Lines  that you should definitely take advantage of when you need a change of scenery.

CT Eats: The beefless burger battle

These four burgers may have zero beef inside of them, but there’s going to be some beef between them after these results. 

From the Archives: The ‘Fuji-UR-Kodak Affair,’ revisited

Larry Maushard wrote in a seething letter to the CT, “I […] would feel like an academic prostitute if I was part of the school’s current administration.”

CT Eats: Eerie deliciousness at The Spirit Room

In addition to serving up some great food, The Spirit Room has a great atmosphere and is a cool, fun place to hang out. The interior is dark, sultry, colorful, cozy, and eclectic with a lot of spooky spiritual decors.

CT Cooks: Quick and easy one-tray salmon

This one-tray salmon dinner is totally low-hassle; you just add ingredients to the tray. It also makes you feel like an adult, cooking grown-up food.

UR Snapshots Vol. 4: Spooktober stories

“My neighbor would put out a giant 20-foot wooden cutout of Sarah Palin every year and that was pretty scary. It was just her head!"

Research at Rochester: Junior Cheng thinks parasites can help us

Lateral gene transfer would be like if a stranger you bumped into on the street gave you a part of their DNA that you could incorporate into your own genes. 

CT Eats: The King and I is a royal treat

I tend to love trying new dishes each time I return to a restaurant, but I have to admit that it would be pretty hard to return to The King and I and not order the phat phet again.

From the Archives: The mystery of the Rush Rhees ghost

Further sightings were reported, like Bob Weiss’ first-person account in the Campus: “He’s come back! The restless spirit of Pete Nicosia has again been seen in the library.”

Terrence Tower, the remains of a dark past

Some accounts of Terrence Tower detail horrible physical abuses, while others speak to its emotional toll.