‘Deaf’ is not a bad word

Despite our generally welcoming atmosphere, there still seems to be a stigma attached to communicating with deaf students.

Know your options for male contraception, or lack thereof

The lack of choice in men’s reproductive health care is a disservice to as well as a burden on women.

Fake sunlight, real benefits

Light therapy offered at UHS can provide relief for sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Around eager parents, UR Meridians face uncomfortable moments

The other side of the oft-coveted campus job is unpredictable, awkward, and sometimes even embarrassing.

Big data at the big game

Not only does this game mark half a century of championship games, but this year’s game will be held in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Have you learned the ABCs of HPV?

Although it’s hard to believe, nearly all sexually active men and women have potential to contract human papillomavirus infection.

Rettner to offer new 3D printing services

Rettner Hall has just purchased four brand-new 3-D printers that will be made available to the student body in about a week or two.

Science, engineering, and fine wine in Bristol, U.K.

Unlike University of Rochester’s open curriculum, all Bristol students only take classes that are related to their course of study.

She’s the First helps girl scholars at home and abroad

The girls who are funded through She’s the First will have a relationship with the members, as the organization watches the progress of the scholars until they graduate.

The coloring book has grown up

The stress-relieving trend has taken off in the Flower City; the University book store held an Adult Coloring Event this past Sunday.