3-25-15 UR Tech Take 2

UR Tech: Solved Games

Christian Cieri – Illustrator

If you sit down and play a virtual game of checkers on your computer, there’s a good chance it’ll let you …

ankle bracelet

Mela showcases a fashion medley

Photo courtesy of Marisa Caiola

This past weekend, ADITI held its annual cultural celebration event, “Mela.” This year’s event  was of special importance because it …


ADITI celebrates its 30th anniversary

Photo Courtesy of ADITI

The Association for the Development of Interest in the Indian Subcontinent (ADITI) is celebrating its 30th year on campus this year.

In …

Jodi Says: Come again?

Multiple orgasms? That’s not even real: the female orgasm isn’t even a real thing, just a myth!

Just kidding, that’s not true at all.

Of course, having …

Jodi Says: Swearing isn’t sexy

Most swear words fall into two categories: words referring to genitalia and words that harass people’s sexuality, race or religion. Both are disappointing to me; …

Net Neutrality

UR Tech: The Grumpy Cat

Christian Cieri – Illustrator

Grumpy Cat is making the rounds at Comcast’s headquarters this week. Adorned on a banner carried  by a plane circling the …

Starbucks serves up a hot cup of service

Monday mornings are the worst. It’s always a struggle to get out of bed for your first class. You get dressed, put in your earbuds …

amman 2

View from abroad: Amman, Jordan

Courtesy of Noor Shah

At the University of Rochester, International Relations majors are required to study abroad for a semester and complete at least two …

ur tech

UR Tech: Terror online

Christian Cieri – Illustrator

The social media use of the world’s most wanted terrorists is something of a paradox.

It reflects the contradictions within jihadi fighters …

Jodi Says: The myth of meaningless sex

There’s this idea of “meaningless sex,” that sex can be “just” sex.

But if Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake couldn’t pull it off in the 2011 …


Engineers Without Borders travel to Don Juan for first assessment trip

Photo courtesy of UR engineers without borders

Engineers Without Borders is a worldwide collection of 14,700 students representing 39 countries who use their knowledge of …

2-18-15 Cardboard Robot Cardbo

UR Tech: The power of squee

Christian Cieri – Illustrator

Google’s smart car looks a bit like a marshmallow. It’s round, puffy and aggressively unaerodynamic. The lights in the front and …

Jodi Says: Blown away with pleasure

The first step to giving a good blowjob is to desire to please your penis-possessing partner.

I can’t emphasize this idea enough. There are plenty of …

Student attends first European Student Conference

This past weekend, 80 undergraduate, business and law students from across Europe and the United States attended the European Student Conference (ESC) at Yale University.

Among …

Elika Bergelson

Forbes names UR assistant professor ‘30 Under 30’ in science

Photo courtesy of Elika Bergelson

In 2015, UR assistant professor Elika Bergelson earned her place on Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 list in the science …

UR student writes book on rise of college costs

When he received his sophomore year financial aid package, Kevin Connell reacted as many UR students do, with shock and dismay at his lesser package. …


UR Tech: Biolife

Christian Cieri, Illustrator

The creature exploring the floors of the OpenWorm project might not seem world-changing. After all, it doesn’t do a whole lot.

Poke it …

Jodi Says: The Porn Supremacy

Porn is normal. It’s efficient, it doesn’t require a partner and it’s hot. People love porn, and in this Internet age, it’s so accessible that …

Je suis charlie

Seeing Charlie Hebdo through the eyes of students

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Goldberg

On Jan. 7, two gunmen shook the world when they marched into the offices of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo …

Mop girl

Hidden Heroes: Keeping campus clean

Chelsea Campbell, Contributing Illustrator

Occupied by the daily stresses of juggling classes, homework, on- and off-campus jobs, and extracurricular and social lives, we often forget …

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