This is only way I know to get in touch with the editor, and make sure they got the email. Can you please remove my letter to the editor of October 23, 2003 from the website? I would be very gratful if you could. Thank you very much.

Sasha Kucherov

Inside the Nationals-qualifying UR Women’s Rugby team

The UR Women’s Rugby team has qualified for Nationals, as the qualifying team for the entire Upstate New York division.

“Bias-Related Incident Report” on bias incident data to be released in December

Associate Dean for Diversity Dr. Jessica Guzmán-Rea announced Monday that work is beginning on the College’s 2020-2022 “Bias-Related Incident Report," which she says is set to be ready around December.

The catchphrase “I’m not racist”

Nowadays, it seems like anything you do can be, in some way, shape, or form, “racist.”