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Notes by Nadia: The importance of being a good listener

I hope that more people can value the act of listening attentively and positively responding to conversations.

What the first-years want you to know

We never knew about Danforth being closed on the weekends or the maze that is Rush Rhees. We didn’t know how much we’d miss home.

Tips on burnout from someone who’s been there

If you're on the road to burnout, or even burnt to a crisp already, here are some realistic tips on how to work through it!

Embarrassment, a storming sea

Embarrassment is a lighter shade of shame — a shame formed from the perception of others and what opinions they might have.

Judging a book by its cover

There are so many books out there. It’s okay if not all of them are for you.

Never been kissed?

While desiring romantic love is perfectly human, life is made of much more.

Tips on how to survive middle school

Rochester – as a former middle schooler, I am here to offer up some tips on how to survive it in case you fall into a wormhole and find yourself 13 years old again.

A Shrekcellent Way to Deal with Stress

Happiness does not necessarily come from a cult; it comes from a sense of community.

Sex & The CT: Navigating relationships at UR

Allow yourself to enjoy the experience of college, go in with an IDGAF attitude, and just have fun!

You should take journalism classes this spring

There’s a perfect storm of journalism courses being offered this spring, and you should try and take one (or a couple) of them.