Bjrn Buschan ’05″Friday night. I needed to know how to cook lamb.”

Gary Stom ’06″This morning, to tell my mother that I survived my 21st birthday.”

Charlotte Reardon ’07 Julia Simon ’07″Today, to tell my mother to bring me a rug.”

Liz Gall ’07″I called home because all of the shower curtains were missing and I was sad.”

Mark Jackson ’06″A couple times a week because I love my mommy and daddy.”

Laura Garcia ’08″About five minutes ago to talk to my sister.”

What UR Wearing – September

Walking around campus I spotted some students and asked them a simple question, “Can you tell me what UR wearing?”

‘Girls of Riyadh’ explores love and discrimination

"Girls of Riyadh” was such a delightful read that truly opened my eyes about a different culture and the shared experiences of women around the world.

Disgruntled professors launch “Rate My Students”

The courageous can head over to for a conclusive answer to a different question: Just how much do your professors hate your guts?