In honor of all the great organizations in the world who are trying to gain their freedom, I decided to honor these terrorists and their weapons by making them the spotlight of the article. I hope you enjoy these drinks – they are tasty and full of explosive flavor. Drink up.

IRA Cocktail

The IRA was started in 1916 and was composed of Irish volunteers. This group became the military of the Sihn Fein party that was trying to establish an Irish state in Northern Ireland. The IRA was responsible for numerous bombings, raids and street battles. After World War II, the IRA became a secret organization and lost much support because of its violence. Now, the IRA is disarming in hopes of peace.

1 1/2 ounces Irish whiskey

1 ounce Irish cream

Mix the liquors and pour on to ice. Use a rocks glass. This drink is perfect for the beginning of an evening. The mix of the whiskey and the Irish cream makes a delightful taste that is creamy and sharp on the tongue. This drink is great for a fun-filled evening or a party.

Irish Car Bomb

This form of terrorism was used by the IRA often, mainly because it was discreet and easy. Bombings were performed by planting a bomb in or on a car and driving it into a highly populated area, like a parade. The car bomb always left a huge mess. This is a delicious drink that has a hint of chocolate as it goes down.

1 ounce Irish cream

1 ounce Irish whiskey

8 ounces of stout beer

Mix Irish cream and Irish whiskey together in a shot glass. Pour stout into a pint glass – make sure there is very little head. Slide shot glass with the mixed shot down the side of the glass and chug the whole glass.

Nuclear Waste

Nuclear waste destroys the environment. In the 1950s, an explosion of a nuclear plant in the former Soviet Union caused radioactive materials to spread through the area. Nuclear Waste has many flavors and has a great color. This drink is wonderful for parties.

1 ounce vodka

1 ounce Midori melon liquor

1/2 ounce Blue Curcao

1/2 ounce Bacardi 151 Rum

sour mix

Pour all alcohols into a shaker, fill the remaining space with ice and sour mix and shake. Pour into a high ball glass and enjoy.

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