If you’re like most students, you think that the Campus Times comes from the Campus Times fairy.

But we at the CT know better. In reality, the CT is produced by the students whose names appear on the bylines and the masthead and is printed by Webster Printing in Webster, NY.

Work progresses throughout the week and on Wednesday we enter publication night mode, where editors are present in the office from as early as noon and are here well after Wilson Commons closes.

The articles are edited and laid out by the section editors and then begin a cycle of going between the copy editors and the section editors. Once the copy editors are satisfied with a page it is sent to Senior Todd Hildebrandt, the Editor-in-Chief. He does final corrections and then a page is “to paste.”

On a typical week the entire paper is to paste at 6 or 7 a.m. The goal is “closer to midnight than noon” but this isn’t always acheived.

At 7:30 a.m. an employee from Webster Printing ? affectionately known as “Mr. Printer Man” ? arrives to either mock the CT staff for not being done yet, or to carry the flats that we paste our pages onto with the ads off to the press in Webster.

In the event that we’re running severely behind, Hildebrandt or Ray MacConnell ? the Senior Graphic Artist for the Students’ Association ? will take them there.

Once the flats are at Webster Printing, they make the necessary images of those pages for the printing presses.

On a typical week, 5,000 copies of the paper are distributed by 6 p.m. on Thursday. This can vary according to when the printer is able to begin printing ? we are not their only publication ? or when our delivery boy, Senior Shayan Pal, decides to start distributing.

Paris can be reached at tparis@campustimes.org.

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