Corner Bakery in College Town unexpectedly closed on March 25, just 15 months after its opening.

The bakery and sandwich shop is the second business to close in College Town this year—Constantino’s Market closed in February, less than a year after its “highly desired” opening.

When asked how she felt about the popular restaurant and caterer’s closing, sophomore Lindsay Bagwin was unhappy.

“It was a great place close to campus to use flex for really good sandwiches and salads,” said said, “so I was pretty upset seeing it closed down.”  

Bagwin drove to Corner Bakery for dinner on Sunday evening, but saw that it was unusually dark inside. She was unsure if it was closed for Easter—or forever.

“We noticed that the windows all had brown paper covering them, and the writing on the side of the building was almost scratched out,” she added. “There was a sign that said they were closing early for the day, but we guess it’s closed for eternity.”

Sophomore Alyse Shulimson shared in Bagwin’s disappointment.

“Once I found out it was closed for good,” Shulimson said, “I was upset because I, too, enjoyed their salads and sandwiches, and think they were one of the healthier options for food in College Town.”

Corner Bakery’s motive for abruptly closing is unclear. Randy Ruttenberg of Fairmount Properties, the developers and owners of College Town, acknowledged the closure in a March 28 press release, and said that its “unplanned closure came as a surprise.”

Corner Bakery’s closure came as a surprise to not only College Town and patrons, but to its employees, as well. First year graduate student Julia Bruce worked at the Mt. Hope location since it opened last December and did not hear anything until her shift that week.

“The day before the restaurant closed, I heard a rumor that they might be closing, but we didn’t receive any warning or notice officially from any of the management,” Bruce said. “I don’t think our in-store management actually knew that it was going to happen, so no one communicated the possibility to us. We were also never told why the store closed, so many of us are as confused as the general public.”

According to Bruce, all employees received phone calls Saturday night telling them that the store was officially closed. Some were offered employment at fast-food chain Sonic, which is owned by the same person who owned Corner Bakery, and others were transferred to the Pittsford location.

“For me—although I enjoyed a lot of my time there, had good and bad days, and will miss all of my coworkers a lot—the close gave me a reason to finally move on to a different position at a different restaurant,” Bruce said.

Ruttenberg’s press release also noted that new businesses continue to “view College Town as an attractive and vital location.” Bar 145 opened last week, and Texas De Brazil is set to open on Thursday.

Which business will take over the former Corner Bakery space remains to be seen.

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