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It’s the simple things in life that keep us going. A nice conversation with a friend, a refreshing walk between classes — and, especially, an unexpected tasty snack. Anyone that’s ever visited a bustling metropolis knows the joy that accompanies the proliferation of hot dogs. Hot dogs are a less intimidating venture than fellow meat items, such as hamburgers and steak, and yet they also achieve the fulfilling meal status so sorely lacking from inferior snacks.There’s a reason why hot dogs are leading staples at every ball park and cookout. People simple can’t resist the idea of grabbing one when it is available. While hot dogs are available anytime at Douglass Dining Hall and The Commons, we have a proposal for a new food opportunity that would considerably boost the overall campus morale: Free Hot Dog Friday.

Think about the tremendous joy that one feels while wandering the streets of, let’s say, New York City, suddenly seized by the desire for some moderate, tasty snacking, only to spot a friendly, inviting hot dog stand just several feet away. Now imagine how it would feel to have that scenario occur in the middle of the Eastman Quadrangle on a weekly basis. It would be such a nice reward for students to look forward to at the end of every week. Now don’t worry — this hypothetical hot dog stand would also contain scrumptious Smart Dogs for our vegetarian friends. It would also contain the delicious pretzels and peanuts custom to any reasonable hot dog stand and, of course, a wide selection of ice cold beverages.

The only problem with Free Hot Dog Friday is that, of course, nothing in our economy can ever truly be “free” — the price must be covered somehow. Perhaps these concessions could be exclusively factored into the new unlimited Dining plans that will begin next semester? That would restrict the number of patrons, ensuring that the costs and distribution would be under control. Free Hot Dog Friday wouldn’t have to last long — just an hour or so would suffice. The best things in life are free. Especially hot dogs.

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