University IT has been busy over the summer working to improve the University’s e-mail and wireless Internet systems. The first changes have come in the area of spam control, as IT works to combat increasing volumes of the annoying, unsolicited messages that are becoming ever harder to detect. While IT has always had spam protection in place, a new system, which is more effective at sorting out spam, will gradually be put into use for student accounts beginning on Sept. 27.

Another change has been that students can now check their messages through Blackboard at, instead of having to log into Web Mail separately, as had previously been the practice.

“Once you know how to use it, it’s pretty good. I do like it better than the old WebCT,” junior Sam Ruiz said.

Finally, changes are also coming in terms of wireless Internet access on the River Campus.

“Users of the wireless network now have access to an enhanced, higher performance network with additional security features,” University IT Director of Networking and Communications Kate Crowley said.

There will be two new networks available for student use. The first one, UR_RC_InternalSecure, offers a more secure connection to users whose computers are able to use WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). According to Crowley, most new computers, PDAs, and other wireless-equipped devices are compatible with WPA. The computer will automatically prompt the user to enter a username and password, which can be obtained at

The second new network, UR_RC_Internal, is for those with older equipment that is incompatible with WPA.

Zupa is a member of the class of 2011.

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