Last week, an altercation on the bus ride home between disorderly students marred Senior Night. Though there was no damage to property, this confrontation between a group of students attracted the attention of UR Security, administrators and students.

This embarrassing behavior is not the fault of the senior class. In the past, senior class councils and entire senior classes have been criticized for failing to uphold appropriate standards at the Senior Night events. Disruptive behavior has resulted in punishments against the class as a whole – the revocation of Senior Night privileges.

In this case, blame belongs only to the culprits and no one else. Nonetheless, until those responsible confess their actions, administrators must resort to discontinuing Senior Nights. While group punishments may be elementary, individual students with information about these incidents should come forward to resolve the situation. With no one accepting responsibility for the incidents, UR administration, bus companies, area businesses and other organizations who are involved with Senior Nights have no choice but to implicate the whole senior class with these child-like characters, ultimately stopping further Senior Nights.

Unless the students can conduct themselves in an orderly fashion, some form of security needs to be present on the busses they ride. This measure is extreme, but not unreasonable if individuals can’t maintain an appropriate atmosphere. A true solution to this problem will come with a sense of responsibility synonymous with the UR community.

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