Recent UR Security reports have drawn attention to student safety. The perpetrators in these incidents are students from area colleges, a group that hasn’t traditionally caused serious problems. These incidents range from harassing students in parking lots to instigating fights on the Fraternity Quad.

Inviting guests should be strongly encouraged. The university acts as a pillar to the community through its lectures and panels, sporting events and entertainment. In turn, visitors are expected to respect this gesture through proper etiquette. Those who wear out their welcome and abuse the social scene destroy the sense of community that student groups and campus offices are trying to create.

Maintaining a safe environment is a shared responsibility between students and security. Weekend social activities are private functions, and party hosts need to distinguish UR students from those not welcome at a party.

Simply asking guests to show their UR ID cards ensures UR students are receiving the benefits of an on-campus social scene. Consistently turning away uninvited guests sends the message that the campus is not a weekend playground for non-UR students.

Students must be proactive, notifying security of unwanted persons and suspicious activity, just like any other close-knit community.

Security’s first concern is to protect UR students, not document their offenses. Increased vehicle presence around the Fraternity Quad and Hill Court, in parking lots and on roads creates a strong visible deterrent to crime. Trust can be built with increased communication – from student reports to security follow-ups.

Troublesome students are making their way to our campus, and their presence deserves further investigation by UR Security.

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