Greeks play a big role in the UR community. The fraternities and sororities are grouped into three different councils – the Panhellenic Association, the Fraternity Presidents’ Council and the Multicultural Greek Council.

This column has evolved over the past few semesters, and this year all three councils hope to share this space as they work together and with the UR community. This week, the Panhellenic Association would like to welcome the new members of their respective chapters:

Alpha Phi

March Bishop, Emily Brandes, Amanda Carey, Candice Contreras, Diana Drake, Brittany Eighmey, Irena Elkind, Laurel Grabowitz, Rachel Handfinger, Zina Lapidus, Jen Mikels, Breanne Roides, Alise Salvetti.

Delta Gamma

Hilary Bonacorsi, Nora Craighead, Kristy Doot, Kirsten Groesser, Hannah Lawliss, Alma Matos, Karen Oddo, Rachel Reichman, Laura Reynolds, Jaimie Shapiro, Mari Stefano, Jessica Stephenson, Rachel TenBrock.

Gamma Phi Beta

Juliette Arico, Raisa Dukas, Katie Harvey, Serina Lidder, Sharon Nambudripad, Alexa Perry, Rachel Reynolds, Deidre River, Allison Stickles, Sarah Wise.

Kappa Delta

Sara Ancello, Jennifer Balaban, Emily Calcagnino, Libby Conners, Emily Dunstan, Michelle Heroux, Dustina Holt, Samantha Lewis, Carli Moochler, Rebekah Mott, Emily Paret, Rachel Thibo, Kristin Vopicella.

Phi Sigma Sigma

Meredith Brod, Danielle Cote, Meredith Harvey, Sarah Permutt, Julia Shmoys, Allison Zimmerman.

Sigma Delta Tau

Tran Hong, Heather Michaels, Stephanie Miller, Tamar Mintz, Natalie Modzelewski, Amy Nguyen, Brooke Ramsey, Ashley Weiss, Heather Williams, Alexandra Wikstrom.

Congratulations to all!

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