Ellen Rud ’06″Paris Hilton, because it would be scandalous and could be a reality TV show.”

Aiesha Edwards ’05″Johnny Depp, he’d keep things interesting and we haven’t had a cute president in a while.”

Omar Figueredo ’08″David Ortiz, ’cause he’s the man!”

Yvette Price ’05″Bill Clinton, because he was a great president. There was no war and no debt.”

Sara Chaudhri ’07Brian Greenberg ’06″Kumiko Tanaka, because she wants to get rid of Monday through Thursday!”

Jarrett Hirtzel ’08″John Locke, because he had excellent sociopolitical theory.”

Rochester Vintage Shop owner deciphers current fashion trends

If you are looking for a place to shop for your fall clothing, here’s an option for you: The Op Shop, a collective of vintage clothing and accessories next to the Eastman School of Music, home to more than 30 vendors and supplying all kinds of fashion styles.

Five ways to up your study game

It’s not that you're not smart — it’s just that you’re studying the wrong way.

Research at Rochester: Anderson facilitates assembly and design for engineers

Anderson’s hard work paid off when his ingenuity, research, and hard work allowed him to leave a lasting impact on the industry he loves.