Campus Times;I am a concerned parent of a UR Junior who had her car vandalized and XM radio with cd and mp3 player stolen. When reported to campus security, one officer made the remark that the theives were getting neater in their work (suppose that meant less distructive). Perhaps this is because this particular theft was the fourth car broken into in recent weeks in the same parking lot.

It is my opinion that theives are the lowest form of bottom dwellers in society. It is difficult to stop humans with no conscience. However, it appears the campus security must tighten the net around parking lots to apprehend these parasites who suck off the efforts of college students and their families.

What improvement can be initiated by campus security? Perhaps working more closely with city police? Installing cameras on the lots?

Let me know if others are as concerned about this rash of unconscinable actions as we are.

Thanks, Ms McClain, Kansas City, Missouri

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