UR men’s a cappella capped their competitive season with an impressive performance in the ICCA Central Semifinal at the Buffalo Center of the Arts, ultimately losing to Cornell’s Class Notes, SUNY Potsdam’s Potsdam Pitches, and RIT’s Eight Beat Measure (and, potentially, many more). 

The YellowJackets ended their regular season with a 1–1 record after earning first place in the Central Quarterfinals. They opened the season with an impressive 411–395 win over RIT; first-year Duc Nguyen and senior Harrison Caplin led all scorers with points for Outstanding Soloist and Outstanding Arrangement, respectively.

Matched up against RIT vocal percussionist Gavriel Miles in the second round, Rochester had trouble with their mic levels and changed choreography alike. The YellowJackets were outscored in the end, ending their season in dramatic fashion. First place finishers Cornell’s Class Notes, with nods for Outstanding Soloist and Outstanding Choreography, advance to the ICCA Finals at The Town Hall in NYC on April 23. 

Senior Harrison Caplin was given a nod for Outstanding Arrangement once again during semis, and despite losing a strong senior class after their final show of the season on April 9, the team will look to continue their momentum in the fall. 

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