Alyssa Koh
Senior Staff
Class of 2025
Alyssa Koh is a sophomore majoring in American Sign Language and Linguistics with a minor in Music Cognition. Alyssa is a Managing Editor. Outside of CT, Alyssa is an assistant music director for Vocal Point and works for the UR Orientation Department. Fun Fact: Alyssa wrote her college admissions essay about how she was upset that her mom wouldn’t let her buy herself a unicycle for her birthday.

Articles by Alyssa

iZone’s new escape room, “Cabin Fever: Snowed In,” keeps the library cool

"Internally, iZone’s always been thinking about these concepts — pitching, ideating — and now we get to make it fun.”

CT Wrapped: The top albums of 2023, according to our staff

Some of our staff has compiled their top albums of 2023 - so amidst finals season, we implore you to bump our tunes.

War in Gaza hits UR campus

Amid the release of several administrative statements about the war in Gaza, vigils, protests, and counseling sessions have hit UR’s campus.

Note on the Israel-Palestine Special Edition

Free and open discourse is the bedrock of a vibrant society, and we aimed to help contributors feel empowered to speak their minds with confidence.

Moanin’ about ‘mogus

You mustn't misunderstand me, not once during this seemingly endless phase of my existence have I actually played this game.

Her Name Was Rosemary! She Was an “It”-Girl!

What have we gained from this? I ask this genuinely, because I do not know. If we are Sisyphus, Party School is our rock.

UR ASME’s 21st Pumpkin Launch helps student organizations soar to new heights

Seasoned viewers, first timers, on-campus, and off-campus community members alike ogled the soaring squashes.

Her name was Rosemary! She was an “It”-Girl!

Mills’ relationship with Rosemary feels actively teenage and real, which makes the humor that follows it fall flatter.

CT Views: Todd Theatre’s “Orlando”

“Orlando” may be the second most campy thing to hit campus — falling just short of Sigma Delta Tau’s annual Mr. UofR pageant.

New UHS grant funds Lyft rides for mental health services

UHS can now provide Lyft rides to students seeking off-campus mental health resources thanks to a one-time grant provided by…