To say that the newly renovated Commons is anything but a vast improvement is an understatement. The myriad of new food options and the restructured eating setting have taken one of the least favorite eating places on campus — the name certainly rivaled its reputation — into a landmark new dining establishment that has not only greatly improved the quality and food selection, but has also helped to provide a better atmosphere for eating in Wilson Commons.

While it may always be the Pit to upperclassmen, the new Commons gives all entering classes a brand new look at just how good campus food can be. The food improvements are only the beginning, and while there may be some growing pains in terms of the implementation and establishment of the new Commons, dining is off to a great start with the new aesthetically and gustatorily pleasing establishment.

The Commons is a great step in improving the overall experience of campus dining and it is important for Dining Services to keep the momentum going to the other areas on campus. Dining Services does a good job of working to bring in new and varied food — like Zoca and Panda Express — and adding and changing options each year will refresh the feel of campus dining, especially if implemented in other dining areas on campus.

The Commons has set a new high standard for campus dining. And while we don’t expect a massive overhaul of each dining center every summer, continuing the enthusiasm that the Commons has created can only further improve the perception of eating on campus.

It’s clear that a lot of hard work went into this project, and because of the efforts that the Director of Dining Services and Auxiliary Operations Cam Schauf and his team put in, UR’s dining experience has been forever improved.

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