Who is he?

Patrick Harris hails from Washington, D.C. and is a sophomore majoring in English and Music Business. He is involved in a broad array of activities on campus, which include being on the Executive Board of UR Concerts, taking on the role of DJ Redline on his WRUR show “Selective Exposure” Friday nights from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m., participating in UR Hip Hop and he plays on UR’s Division I varsity squash team and is also the team captain.

Aside from participating in activities on campus, Patrick has the unique opportunity to pursue his interest in the music business through the company he is founder and CEO of – Three Trick Entertainment or 3TE.

What exactly is 3TE?

“Established in 2001 in Washington, D.C., 3TE was founded on the premise of spreading the creativity of local artists and musicians to other artists and people of interest.

“The entertainment company has grown from a one man venture to a group of individuals who are dedicated and believe in the creativity of artists. 3TE is staffed with knowledgeable artists as well as astute specialists that know and work in the music industry. The company’s goal is to better serve the artists and help bridge the gap between creativity and exposure, using powerful marketing, sales and promotional tools and 3TE’s connections and knowledge in the music world.

“We are dedicated to advancing artists’ statures and positions in the music business both as artists and economically, through promotion, marketing and artist relations and services.

“The company has evolved to consist of seven talented staff members and four core signed artists who are all dedicated to music. We have released a couple of CDs, and our latest compilation CD ‘Roc Steady Volume 1’ received selective national college airplay and reviews in papers like ‘The Insider.’ The company has consulted for various local artists and is always looking for new talent.”

Do your career aspirations reflect your current role and involvement in 3TE?

“This past summer I had the opportunity to work for the largest label in the world – Universal Records in New York City. The experience was incredible. Not only did I get to meet some of my favorite artists, but I was able to attend shows and make contacts in the industry. No matter what, I plan to continue my career in the music business because it is something I have a strong passion for and love.”

What effect do you foresee 3TE having on UR and the greater community of Rochester?

“3TE has reached out to the community by working with local artists at Eastman and other local area artists. I have local hip hop artists on my show and am working with a couple local bands. RSV1 was basically UR artists, and RSV2 is the same idea. I have also consulted with other local area artists.”

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