I went in with the best of intentions. I had been to Mex once during my sophomore year and I remember coming out stuffed and happy. This was a very different feeling than I had when I went earlier this week. To begin with, I probably shouldn’t have gone as late as I did. At this point I was at the zenith of my hypoglycemia – which is the fancy description for the bitch I become due to lack of food. If the Pope had bumped into me, I would have yelled at him. My dining partner and I were seated right away, which was quite pleasing, though we were then left alone for the next 20 minutes, giving us time to observe the mediocre dining room decor.

After about 15 minutes, our perky waiter finally decided to make an appearance and asked us what we would like to drink. By this time, I was barely conscious due to the lack of food, and I struggled to ask if they served chips with the meal. Luckily, they did. I should have stuck with the chips.

Our meals were actually promptly served, but sadly, I could not see what I was eating due to the very dim lighting. I suppose it was meant to create a tranquil atmosphere, although it just made me tired and therefore more irritated.

I had ordered a chicken fajita, or fajita con pollo, which looked, from what I could see of it, quite delicious – although there was this sauce on the chicken and vegetables that I was not used to seeing on fajitas. The sauce tasted like maple syrup, which believe it or not, does not taste that good with chicken. Now, I will admit I am a picky eater and a self-proclaimed Caesar salad/hamburger/steak kind of girl, so I made sure to bring a friend who was an adventurous eater to give the restaurant a fair chance. My friend did enjoy her chicken burrito, so if you must go to this restaurant, I recommend that.

I guess my waiter was disappointed that I did not want to take my plentiful leftovers home in a box, so he decided to never come back to our table. Finally after 20 minutes of contemplating what exactly went wrong in our relationship, I asked a busgirl if she could get our check.

After we got the check, I realized that no one was going to physically take my credit card to charge it – even though it was pink, with sparkles – so again, I asked the busgirl if she could take it herself.

I am sad that I am giving this restaurant a bad review because it has a lot of potential.

There is a beautiful bar below the dining area and perhaps if one gets drunk enough, they will find the absentee behavior of the waiter quite amusing.

If you do go to the restaurant sober, stick with the chips.

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