Suhail Salim ’06″Britney Spears, because she’s toxic.”

March Bishop ’08″Counting Crows, cause they’re my favorite band.”

Steve RakoGraduate Student”Audioslave, because Chris Cornell’s voice is more explosive than a supernova.”

Robyn Schwartz ’07Michelle Polley ’07″Usher, because he’s hot, and he knows how to move.”

Daniel Steinberg ’07″Something besides Train.”

Nels Youngborg ’05″‘Tooooool! It’s my all-time favorite band.”

Turning Rochester into a future semiconductor packaging center: How students benefit from this

"If we work together, we have a real chance of being a leader. If you are a leader in this industry, it could mean many jobs and millions of dollars of economic output. It could be one of the more significant economic development activities in recent history in Rochester."

Music and Mogul Money: interviewing UR grad Philip Milman

A recent master’s degree graduate from the Eastman School of Music, Phil Milman ‘21, might now be a familiar face for any fans of famous Twitch streamers.

‘The Needle’: in no particular order

The more I think about 'The Needle,' the more I seem to enjoy it.