Last night, the Campus Activities Board presented the 73rd annual Boar’s Head Dinner in Douglass Dining Center, which featured a winter feast and accompanying entertainment.

“I have never been to [a Boar’s Head Dinner] and I am so happy that I finally got to go,” senior Jessica Sorrentino said. “Everybody should go at least once while here.”

The high table featured college faculty members and members of both CAB and the Students’ Association, all dressed in traditional medieval garb. Some of the guests included Vice President Paul Burgett, Provost Ralph Kuncl, Dean of the College Richard Feldman, Professor of Religion Anthea Butler, SA President and junior Alvin Lomibao and administrative chair of CAB and senior Cait Ganley.

The Strong Jugglers provided entertainment between courses. In addition, members of the YellowJackets, Vocal Point, Midnight Ramblers, Off Broadway On Campus and After Hours performed customary songs like “Gloucestershire Wassail,” “The Boar’s Head Carol” and “The Figgy Pudding Song” while they were kept busy serving the fare of the feast.

Butler received a standing ovation for her “hip” rendition of the legend of the Boar’s Head. Following her speech, the Medical Emergency Response Team passed the Boar’s Head on to the Campus Times. The night concluded with Burgett leading the attendees in a round of Christmas carols.

The event was especially memorable for seniors.

“It was nice being a part of a Rochester tradition one last time before graduating and recognizing the uniqueness of our University and alma mater,” senior Avi Sommer said.

Levy is a member of the class of 2008.

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