It’s that time of year again – the time when college students across the country put aside their books and head off in search of sun and good times. While spring break vacations can be an excellent way to de-stress, build friendships and rejuvenate, all too often students spend so much time focusing on having fun in the sun that they forget to take basic safety precautions. The following list of health and safety tips is designed to enable you to live your spring break to the fullest. Think safe and have a great spring break!

?Wear sunscreen! Sunscreens come in all varieties – oil-free, sensitive skin, even bright purple if you want – so find the type that works for you and remember to re-apply frequently.

?Drink water! Remember to stay hydrated and not only with your current drink of choice.

?Stop to eat – vegetables. Don’t forgo five of the basic food groups just because you can – eating a well-balanced diet will increase your energy level, produce a healthier glow and lead to a better vacation.

?Watch your alcohol intake. Open bar doesn’t need to mean open toilet seat later – plan ahead and know your limits.

?Remember the saying “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?” Be sure that whatever happens in Vegas actually does stay in Vegas. Remember that practicing safe sex is a universal concept – bring American protection and play safe.

?Bring slush money and not to spend on the hot chick you meet at the beach. If you don’t use it – great. Consider it a welcome-home gift on March 19.

?Take along all needed medications – prescription and over-the-counter – enough for your entire trip. Remember to never bring medications in their original container – the labels contain private medical and security information, as well as the number of potential refills.

As bizarre as it may sound, prescription drugs can sell for a lot of money. Think before you pack.

?Stick with a friend – the one you came with, that is. Part of the fun of traveling is meeting new people and making new friends. However, never go anywhere alone with someone you just met. Bring an old friend and, if possible, let another friend know where you are headed.

?Make copies of all important paperwork and keep it in a separate location – a good idea is one copy in carry on and one copy in checked.

?Tie suitcse zippers together with bread ties – no joke. Many airlines no longer allow suit case locks, but bread ties are OK.

If your bag looks difficult to quickly rummage through, most inquirers will simply move on to the next, more accessible piece of baggage.

?Ask hotel staff about where you should and should not wander. Making a right versus a left out of your hotel could be a matter of life and death – think making a left versus a right when leaving UR. Get good maps and know your area.

?Enjoy your vacation. Know your limits, make your own decisions and look forward to an awesome week!

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