Due to behavioral issues at the most recent Senior Night, an event at The Liquor Room on Oct. 13, the Associate Dean of Students in Charge of Discipline Matthew Burns has suspended the rest of the Senior Nights until further notice.

“Last Friday, Burns let us know that we are unable to continue Senior Nights until this issue has been resolved,” Senior Class Council President Emily Augustine said. “Burns has been sick for the past two days. We were supposed to meet on Tuesday but now we are meeting with him on Friday to discuss what is going to happen.”

According to Augustine, what exactly happened is unclear.

The incident occurred on one of the later busses returning to UR from the event. No one has come forward and claimed responsibility.

“As a class council, we were informed about the incident and discussed it at our meeting the next week,” Augustine said. “We sent an e-mail to our class in response.”

The e-mail reminded students that participation in such events is a privilege for the class, and that it is currently in jeopardy.

After Burns told the council that the events would be cancelled until further notice, the council sent another e-mail to their class urging those involved to come forward so that the issue could be resolved.

“Students are not happy about this decision,” Augustine said.

Many students who were not on the bus at the time and therefore did not know about the incident are confused as to why the entire class is being punished for someone elses actions.

“I think it sucks but if some seniors are going to act irresponsibly then they should be punished,” senior Elie Diner said.

Students are hoping that those involved will eventually come forward so the incident can be resolved and Senior Nights can resume.

“Clearly, it is an unfortunate situation given that Senior Nights provide a positive, safe and enjoyable experience,” SA President and senior Matt Goldblatt said. “Senior Nights have been one of the threads throughout the senior year that ties much of the class together and without them there will be an obvious void in programming to be filled. Hopefully the situation will be resolved and Senior Nights will resume promptly.”

Blue Night, the Junior/Senior Night this Friday at the German House and the Keg is still going to be held. Also, tickets for the wine tour on Nov. 12 will go on sale today.

“We are looking forward to clarifying the situation,” Augustine said. “We shouldn’t have these issues, but this will be resolved and hopefully we can continue programming soon.”

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