Students in Crosby Hall reported persons trying to break into the third floor attic door shortly after midnight on Friday, according to UR Security Investigator Dan Lafferty.Security officers responded to the situation and encountered three suspects, one of whom ran down a stairway and out of the building, according to Lafferty.The suspect was not located. However, the two other suspects were identified as students who resided in Crosby. The suspects were trying to forcibly pry open the door using a crow bar as well as an electric drill, according to Lafferty. While two were working on the door, the other pretended to be working with wood to mask the noises made by the other two suspects. The third suspect was identified as being a visiting friend of one of the suspects. UR Security is investigating the third suspect through information from the other suspects. Substantial damage was done to the door and locking device, according to Lafferty. No Rochester Police Department report has been filed, and the matter was referred to the Dean of Students Office.Eastman Student stalked, card stolen An Eastman School of Music Student was walking in the area of East Avenue and Chestnut Street when an unidentified suspect yelled to her to stop and come over, according to UR Security.The suspect followed the student into Java Joe’s caf, showed the student an ID card and asked her if it belonged to her. When the student asked for it back, the suspect refused, called the student “stupid” and left.The surrounding area was searched for the suspect with negative results, according to Lafferty.No RPD report has been filed.Professor’s wallet stolen from MelioraA wallet was reported stolen from Meliora Hall between 1 and 6 p.m. on Sept. 6, according to Lafferty.According to a professor, an unidentified suspect stole the wallet from her purse in her third floor office, which was unlocked throughout the day.A report with RPD has not been filed, but may be at a later time, according to Lafferty.Cell phone stolen from Hoyt Auditorium A student reported his cell phone was stolen from his bookbag following a class in Hoyt Auditorium on Sept. 8, according to UR Security. The student reports his phone was in his bag at the start of class, and upon returning to his room discovered it missing, according to Lafferty. The student checked the auditorium for the phone with negative results. Presently no police report has been filed.Information provided by UR Security.Borchardt can be reached at

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