Alpha Phi Omega is famous on campus for being the only co-ed fraternity. What some of us might not know is that although it is Greek in nature, is primarily focused on community service.

First started in 1957, ‘s charter was renewed in 1992. This semester it has a total of 33 members and 13 pledges. Recruitment events start at the beginning of each semester and go on for a week, when prospective pledges get to meet current members and learn more about the nature of . Pledging usually goes on for the entire semester, during which pledges are required to organize fundraisers, service projects and fellowship opportunities.

“As long as you demonstrate a commitment to community service, you can pledge ,” Vice President of Service and junior Lauren Kaskey said.

Members have to pay dues of $40 per semester, attend weekly meetings and complete 25 hours of community service. “The members develop friendships through a mutual respect for community service,” Kaskey said.

does a lot of community service projects both on and off campus. They organized a concert to benefit spinal cord research, continue to work in conjunction with Foodlink in Rochester for food drives, tutor at various schools, run help lines for battered women and organize knitting events between students and the elderly in the community.

One of the biggest events is organizing this semester is the Ugly Man On Campus event. During the event, various student organizations volunteer representatives whose pictures are placed inside jars. Students then vote by placing money inside their favorite contestant’s jar. The money collected goes to charity.

“APO is a great outlet for people who are very focused on community service,” Kaskey said.

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