Central Valley , New York resident ,Warren Michaels, who many years ago wrote the song, “Lady by the Sea” in honor of the Statue of Liberty, will re-record it.

There is presently a petition placed on line that is attracting international attention


In February of this same year Martin Scorcese produced a documentery entitled “lady by the sea” concerning the funding of the Statue without knowing of this project at all.

Warren Michaels plans on making audio and video recordings. “I’m also in contact with the Cornwall School District; they’ve offered their support as far as their children in choruses from two separate schools to sing the chorus on the recording,” he said. Michaels also wants to have fire fighters and EMS members singing the chorus on the video.

The Anthem may be reviewed at its own domain at www.ladybythesea.com

Warren Michaels wants to turn over the publishing rights of his song so that the statue will be able to raise the funds necessary to maintain it.

He has secured the services of Rob Sabino its original producer and arranger to produce the new version. Rob was formerly with Chic Productions. His credits are listed on the backs of 27 gold and platinum albums.

More information is available on http://www.ladybythesea.com,

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